Man of Many Talents, Mastering One

I have tried all sorts of qualifications. I’ve done GCSEs, A levels. I’ve even tried University; doing computer science. Also did a Barbering Apprenticeship for a little bit. The issue with all of them, was they didn’t keep me interested. I’ve also worked in several different sectors: I dabbled in Website Development, Graphic Design, Admin, Customer Services, SEO, and was a Chef for a short time. Again there isn’t too much diversity. When you break each one down there wasn’t much to keep me occupied. That is when I came across The Juice Academy. They offered a Social Media Apprenticeship. Now I’ve spent a long time on Social Media. I’ve seen MySpace and Bebo come and go. It’s been the o

Protecting Apprenticeships

I myself started my career as an apprentice with The Juice Academy – the UK’s first industry led social media and digital marketing apprenticeship. After completing the scheme and going on to support others on the course, the general topic of apprenticeships has become something I’m very passionate about. It must then come as no surprise that a recent change in law around apprenticeships caught my eye. The UK Government announced plans to give apprenticeships legal protection, making unauthorised use of the term illegal. Not only does this prevent people abusing the term, it also puts it on an equal level as the university term ‘degree’ – at last a step towards equality! The plans, which sit


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