New Year, New Career

The best year of my life started at my lowest. Very dramatic, I know. True nonetheless. I’d finished college in May 2015 and was playing with the idea of going to university; however it really wasn’t for me. Post Summer, I was stuck in a horrible limbo of part time, dead end supermarket jobs and starting three years at university, something that simply didn’t appeal to me. Three months of job searching and we had reached mid-December. I was disheartened and tired of being rejected. My 16 hours a week wasn’t buying anyone a good present this year. Then I remembered, back in September one of my friends had posted a picture of her on a free trip to Ibiza with her boyfriend, for work. So I asked

Maintaining Coherent Themes on Social Media

Nowadays everyone seems to have some sort of presence on Social Media, however some are stronger than others. The key to this is maintaining constant themes across your social platforms. Consistency is Key: Some of the most recognised social stars have cohesive themes throughout their online profiles, helping to link all of their posts together and set a tone of voice for their feed (this particularly applies to Twitter). With reference to a previous post written by YouTube beauty guru @Marianna_Hewitt on her blog, ‘lifewithme’, she says: ‘Think about the photo before you take it, give yourself style rules, find a filter that you love and plan your feed’. This confirms that social stars use

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all about exposing your brand to a larger audience through one key influencer. It’s essentially, more often than not, paying somebody to spread the word for you, and, if done correctly, it works. Influencers primarily use social media to drive attention to your brand. With social media becoming more and more frequently used, this is one of the best ways to get people on board. It’s a huge market and exposes your business to millions of people! Increasing brand awareness The whole purpose of having a brand influencer is to increase your brand awareness. Research shows that the best way to attract people to your business is through word of mouth. This drives sales and i


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