good kid, m.A.A.d city (Deluxe)

Mia Adam is a Juice Academy social media apprentice. Find out why an apprenticeship was perfect for her and see how she's getting on in

My day as a social media apprentice at PR Agency One

It’s been a while since I was of the age to be considering an apprenticeship (20 years, since you’re wondering) But when the opportunity came along to take part in National Apprenticeship Week and help promote the work of young people in business, it was a chance I couldn’t turn down. So for half a day last week I gave up control of my company – without much hesitation – to take part in a job swap with our Juice Academy social media apprentice, Chloe. It didn’t come as a complete surprise to me the things I would have to do as the apprentice for the day, given that Chloe has been working for me for 11 months. The first job of the day was keeping an eye on our clients’ social media accounts.L

A day in the life: social media apprentice turned managing director

Hi, I’m Chloe, a social media and digital marketing apprentice who was recently promoted to managing director of PR Agency One. You can save the congratulations, as it was only for half a day. We decided for National Apprenticeship Week, we’d shed light on the occasion and celebrate the very reason why I work at such an amazing agency. This week is all about highlighting the positive impact apprenticeships have, not only on the individual, but on the companies involved and the economy. So, what better way to celebrate, than a good old job swap between myself and our managing director, turned temporary social media apprentice, James Crawford. From just a half a day in the shoes of James Crawf

There Is a Job For That

If you’d have told me this time last year that I’d be working in social media, I’d have hit you with the same blank and confused stare that most people give me when I tell them that’s what I do for a living today. Wait, you mean people make careers out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Yeah, we do. And actually, so can you. If you’re like me, you probably find yourself drooling over your own Instagram feed, laughing at your own Tweets wondering why you haven’t gone viral yet, and getting irrationally angry watching your parents try to navigate Facebook or listening to them call Snapchat ‘Snapshot’. What if I told you that companies all over the world want your top-notch Instagram content,


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