Social Media Volunteering – How It Can Help a Potential Applicant

I have just returned home from my first full day at the Juice Academy. There was a point raised by Sandy Lindsay in our opening session and it is still fresh in my mind: ‘…raise your hand wherever possible. Get involved.’ Perhaps it hit such a note with me because, if it wasn’t for that mantra, I may not have been sat in the room in the first place. In September 2016, I was offered a voluntary social media role at Altrincham Football Club. I saw it as an opportunity to try a fresh, exciting line of work without diving in head first and committing to the profession fully. Working alongside a good friend of mine we found ourselves heading up the social media for one of the largest semi-profess

Sam's Apprenticeship with Northcoders and The Juice Academy

A couple of weeks I graduated from university, “Oh no, you poor thing” seemed to be a pretty common response to this, at least from other graduates that is. Hi there! I’m Sam Shorter, I’m 21 years old and I recently started my apprenticeship with Northcoders through the Juice Academy. Northcoders provide 12 week coding bootcamps, with the aim of helping to fill the coding skills gap in the North of England and The Juice Academy provide Digital Marketing Apprenticeships to young people. Northcoders and the Juice Academy are also celebrating a brand new partnership, and as part of that, The Juice Academy are able to offer coding as a standard part of the training progamme for the first time! A


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