YOU CAN PUT A CURRENT EMPLOYEE ON THE JUICE ACADEMY PROGRAMME... The Juice Academy doesn't only hold recruitment Boot Camps every quarter for our employers, where they choose their apprentice at the end of the day, we also welcome employers who want to put one of their current employees onto the course!!! So you don't have to attend Boot Camp and select a new employee, you can instead upskill one of your own. Hoorah! MEET AMELIA Amelia has recently become an apprentice at The Juice Academy. She works for GG Hospitality, a collective of prestigious high-class brands, which includes Hotel Football and Café Football. She began working as a waitress at Hotel Football, progressed into HR and t

Why I continue to be a guest-speaker at Juice…

Every few months, I receive an invitation from the fab team at the Juice Academy in Manchester. It’s always a great opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and thoughts with the social media marketers of the future! These future marketers are apprentices that have taken the fantastic opportunity offered by The Juice Academy to work with some amazing companies in Greater Manchester. I do not use this word lightly, as they include the likes of Social Chain and UNILAD, who represent some of the most powerful brands in the world of social media. When speaking to the apprentices, one of my key messages is the importance of the ‘M’ word, that being ‘marketing’. I emphasise as social media

Adopt this one thing and wow your boss!

There is a psychological trait that many successful people seem to have in common – the growth mindset. This is the idea that intelligence and skill in any field, can be developed with the right amount of effort and desire to achieve. In contrast, there is the fixed mindset. The concept of intelligence and skill being something you’re born with. Nature, not nurture. The growth mindset doesn’t happen by magic, and of course adopting this mindset doesn’t guarantee you’ll become the next Elon Musk, Tiger Woods or Arianna Huffington. Research suggests however, that people who have the growth mindset are three times more likely to become successful than those with a fixed mindset. Using the Growt


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