Leading digital apprenticeship programme – The Juice Academy – has received a letter of commendation for its first ever examination results, in which all but one apprentice passed and are now heading towards completion of the programme. In July 2017, The Juice Academy – one of the UK’s leading digital marketing apprenticeship programmes – switched from the old ‘Framework’ programme of training and assessing its apprentices, to the brand new ‘Standard’ as part of the Government’s apprenticeship reforms. This meant creation of a whole new programme which, for the first time, includes a tough examination. Today, the examination Awarding Body at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has com

No risk, no reward: University dropout to Social Media apprentice

From a young age it was drilled in to me that university was the best option for a successful future, mainly from my school teachers but also from certain family members and what I had seen on TV and online. Once I got to college, I felt like I was being pushed towards uni as though it was the only option. I ended up doing well in my A levels, and got accepted into the University of Leeds studying History and Spanish. I was ecstatic. I’d got into my first-choice university, one of the best in the country, I was ready to leave home and set off on a new adventure. Fast-forward 16 months, I came back home to Manchester for Christmas and I never went back. I was saddled with debt without even co

Working at Manchester Pride

I have been working for Mustard Media for over a month now, following the intense Juice Academy Boot Camp day in August. Mustard may be my least favourite condiment, but working with loads of festival and lifestyle clients made it my first choice of employer. When starting at Mustard, writing weekly content for Manchester Pride became one of my main tasks. We had a detailed content plan in place of key timings such as when artist day splits would be announced, and weeks that content would focus on one aspect of the festival, such as: ‘main stage week’, ’parade week’ and ‘travel information week’. It was announced a few weeks before the festival, that due to development it was the last year t

Is video the new photography?

As you all know, we are seeing a lot more video on our screens in 2018 than ever before. So, what does this mean? Is video more important than photography? In this blog I will be talking about the advantages of using video in your marketing strategy and why it is so important for businesses in the present day. Video marketing is so important now and for the future of marketing in 2018, we are seeing more video on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms than anything else. Photography isn’t the focus anymore even on Instagram, video is becoming increasingly popular. People are more engaged and take in more information from watching a video rather than just reading something. This is due to the


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