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COVID-19 forced us to take our usual classroom Academy sessions online, and we quickly learnt that these remote lessons were
well received by our ‘digital natives’ and it’s led to us being able to deliver our course Nationwide!

There are three practical
sessions during the year
that do need to be delivered
face to face, so traveling to
Manchester will be required
for these days and
employers will be expected
to cover the apprentices
travel costs. We will keep
these days to 10am to 4pm
(max) so that overnight
stays can be avoided. All
other training, coaching and
progress reviews will be
done remotely.


We’ve packaged all of the clever and essential stuff apprentices need to know about digital marketing into this unique course, including lots of other professional and interpersonal skills they’ll need to be successful in the workplace.

As part of the Level 3 Content Creator standard, apprentices will learn:

• Content planning

• Content development 

• Content creation and evaluation

• Industry awareness

We deliver broader digital marketing in the Academy to include:

• Basic marketing principles
• Digital Marketing campaigns
• Digital and Social Media Strategies
• Principles of specialist a areas: search marketing, search
engine optimisation, web analytics and metrics, mobile apps and Pay-Per-Click
• The major digital and social media platforms
• Digital etiquette (tone of voice)
• Digital platforms in the working environment
• Data protection across digital and social media platforms
• Business environment related to digital marketing and
customer needs



We also take the apprentices through 'office' skills and behaviour in the workplace, and other important work & life skills, ensuring that they are all prepared to start their new career in Digital Marketing.  

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