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8Dio - Legacy 1928 Steinway Piano [Kontakt] Free Download safluc




wafar - wafer - sound similar to wafer viri - viri - also voraci or virago viri - viri - also the female viri [word_slow] - all these words make one think of the slow-worm, the South African worm snake (also the name of a 1983 Alan Parsons Project album) x - both a digit and a common letter x - the capital letter x y - a sharp or unrounded i (yogh), also a gy A: I think I have a list of words that are either phonetically similar, similar in meaning or sound similar. From feu (French) con (Spanish) fus (French) fufu (Afrikaans) fuga (French) fúgar (Spanish) fuzz (Czech) futee (Swedish) futs (Chinese) gos (Spanish) greco (Greek) grigio (Italian) grigo (Italian) haj-e-meed (Persian) hamaj-e-meed (Persian) harto (Malay) hirag (Hindi) hom (Hungarian) honc (Romanian) kare (Hungarian) kore (Korean) laboratorio (Italian) labda (Welsh)



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8Dio - Legacy 1928 Steinway Piano [Kontakt] Free Download safluc

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