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Recently, the government launched a campaign calling young people to “Get in, Go Far” by choosing an apprenticeship as an alternative to going to University. I grabbed this as a great opportunity to jump on board and set up a competition for the apprentices at The Juice Academy, using the hashtag #getingofar. The idea was to tweet a fun, interesting selfie whilst working at their companies. We had some great entries showing off exactly what we’ve all been doing (and some funny ones!). The competition also helped all the apprentices to share and learn about the different companies we are all working at, and put our digital skills into practice.

Here are a few great examples of the pictures and tweets we received.

The Get In, Go Far campaign helps showcase the variety and quality of apprenticeships on offer. As the first UK industry led social media apprenticeship, the campaign fits perfectly with The Juice Academy. For that reason, I thought basing a competition around this hashtag, and showing off all the apprentices at such fantastic jobs, was the perfect way to get involved.For the competition we had three winners, picked by a former graduate of The Juice Academy - Carly Phillips, who is now working full time at Bruntwood.

The first place winner went to Rhys Nimmo who works at LPW Technology. His #getingofar entry stood out with his fantastic collage of images, especially in his use of the hashtag. He even managed to get his whole company involved!

I think he was a little happy when he found out he had a big box of chocolates waiting for him!

Second place went to Nathan Youd, a current apprentice at Tangerine. His selfie was taken straight after completing the Reebok sponsored ‘Spartan Race’. Nathan was taking part to gather content to use for the Reebok UK Spartan social media campaign. Check it out here: Nathan’s selfie particularly emphasises how enjoyable an apprenticeship can be.

Finally, the third place winner was awarded to Bethany Harcourt, a current apprentice at Find A Better Way. Beth’s tweet alongside her selfie definitely cracked us up!

Well done to all the winners, and everyone who took part in the #getingofar competition. They were all great!

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