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Dancing Straight into my Dream Job

First look at this title and you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Let’s jump to it.

My name is Dylan Evans, I’m 19 years old and I’m Jump Nation’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice.

Jump Nation is the largest indoor trampoline arena in Europe, featuring wall to wall trampolines as far as the eye can see, all connected together to form one huge bounce park.

Social media as a job, you say? After studying Computer Programming for a year, I realised that it was not for me, something was missing and I couldn’t bear the thought of doing this for the rest of my life, knowing that I wasn’t happy in my job. By all means it was a very interesting subject and every piece of code that I wrote made me feel more and more clever, but it was all the same.

I wanted more creativity, I wanted to be different from the others – this is how I’ve been since I was younger. I wanted to stand out, be able to create my own content and be original and creative. Social media was the perfect way to do this!

Here’s where the dancing comes in Social media, for me, isn’t just a platform where I can talk to my friends and socialise. It is a canvas for me to create my own art and really share my passions with people.

I’m a dancer, if you hadn’t already gathered.

I’ve had a YouTube Channel now called dylan3vans (I should really think of a new name…) since March 2012, and it’s been a base for me to show my progression in the things I enjoy, such as dancing, free-running and adventuring! It was a way for me to track my progress and see improvements. Jump Nation actually noticed this on my application for the role I applied for and instantly decided to give me a call, emphasising how much they loved my videos and the skills I had in video production! Feel free to check me out if you want:

Dancing is a crazy way for me to express myself and really pursue my love for video making and editing. This is something that I really brought into my job, being able to create some really original content for Jump Nation using Photoshop. Not only this, but constantly interacting with my Followers and producing branded material were also skills I carried forward into Jump Nation’s social media.

On Facebook alone, I managed to take Jump Nation from 36,000 to 45,000+ likes and we constantly have branded content going out on the social channels which has really proved itself.

Not only this, but our redirects from Twitter to our new website have increased by 136%! It was a great confidence booster to actually see that my work had been paying off, something that Michelle (Owner) very kindly acknowledged.

My work so far I simply can’t summarise the amount of work that I’ve created so far! I’ve been involved with numerous opportunities in The Juice Academy that have really taught me valuable skills that I have carried over into my work. I am constantly editing and creating branded content for Jump Nation’s pages and this is something that I really enjoy.

I am always being involved in large projects, working with Zen and Tangerine PR themselves! This provides me with really exciting opportunities to share my ideas and skills.

The Juice Academy is my temple, I’ve learnt so much that is easily transferred into my work as the sessions we have there never fail to teach me new things. The style of learning is great with a mixture of individual and group tasks – plus the occasional guest speaker who tells us about their experiences and the skills they feel most valuable in this digital world.

I can see myself really growing with the company and having an exciting future here at Jump Nation!

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