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A day in the life of a Junior Content Producer Apprentice at Fanattik

Here at Fanattik we really think about what you want as a customer, and when we say we are “crazy about collectibles' ', we mean it. From DC to Harry Potter, Resident Evil to Sea of Thieves, there’s a lot to love – no matter where your geeky allegiances lie. We often get asked about the faces behind the brand and what we do.

My name is Freya and I handle all of Fanattik’s social media and I wanted to try to answer that question for you. To start I am a massive gaming and film fan, so getting the opportunity to work as a Junior Content Producer Apprentice here at Fanattik was a no-brainer. When I first joined, I was amazed by the brands we get to work with and how no day is like the other. It's wonderful!

As I love films and games, mixing them into my work was very exciting and a great opportunity.

What does my day look like

My days are never the same and I think not knowing makes my day even more exciting as you never know fully what you're doing one day, it could be editing, others it can be investigating a missing item. (Which makes me feel like a bit of a detective)

But the main thing I focus on is editing the new products we have created and getting to watch that item develop into someone’s dream collectible. Doing this allows me to connect with the customers on a more personal level as it's sparking their inner geek which we as a team love to see as it means all the hard work that’s gone into it is appreciated.

Due to working near the design team all day I also get to know about all the new items we have coming up and things they are working on and there's always one that is super exciting! And makes you feel like a little kid.

The downside to some of this is that we can’t keep them all for ourselves!

My job-

The one thing I love is getting the amazing opportunity to do set interviews with the fans of our brands. Being able to link with them on a personal level and watch them get excited over the newest items always makes you feel good. The best interview I have done to this day is a Star Trek interview, I’m no fan myself of it but watching someone become so happy over something we did was wonderful. I also learnt a lot that day and discovered just how passionate some people are and how far things can take you in life from that, and just how much something can influence your life.

Within my job, I get to create more and more content and due to the nature of what we are creating, we are expanding out into more video content which means I get the opportunity to take new shots and experiment with something new and as its never really been done before it means I have a lot of freedom with it. It comes with its ups and downs as many things but it's all a case of finding out what works for us and our customer base.

The Team-

In short, we love what we do here at Fanattik and love seeing people who love it as well. Personally, I like learning new skills while the company develops and we all love the cheeky ice cream trips we go on, on a hot day. #wearefanattik #fanattik

Freya Warrington, Cohort 35, Digital Content Marketing apprentice at Fanattik


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