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The Juice Academy is a not-for-profit Digital Marketing Academy, delivering the Junior Content Producer Level 3 apprenticeship. The Academy was the brainchild of award-winning communications agency, Tangerine Communications, and all tutors are digital/creative specialists from Tangerine, or expert guest speakers from a wide range of specialisms. The Juice Academy specialises in finding and nurturing creative talent. Businesses get the opportunity to invest in budding talent across the Nation, in particular the North West, and aspiring digital marketers have a chance to work with businesses from all different sectors. We’ve placed apprentices in some of the North West’s biggest brands including Social Chain, Rental Cars, UNILAD, JW Lees, Greater Manchester Police, Pretty Little Thing and Manchester Airport. In 2013, The Juice Academy was the first industry-led social media apprenticeship in the UK and has now trained over 400 apprentices and worked with more than 350 employers.  

Our passion is creating quality roles for people in our brilliant sector – digital marketing – we play a vital role in changing lives and helping fill the huge digital skills gap.

Young people spend their lives online. So who better to put at the heart of an organisation’s  online activity than a digitally-connected, jargon-literate young person with a passion for online media?


This is exactly what The Juice Academy offers via its industry-led digital marketing and content production apprenticeship, the first ever in the UK.

Businesses get the opportunity to invest in budding talent across the North West, and young people have a chance to work with some of the UK’s biggest brands including UNILAD, Jump Nation Trampoline Park, Manchester Airport, AMC Cinemas and loads more!


So let’s get on with it.  We’re recruiting and placing up to 20 apprentices per quarter and we’ll be making quite a noise about it so it should be a hotly contested recruitment battle.


I’m sure you have lots of questions so pop along to our FAQ pages for businesses and for apprentices


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Junior Content Producer

A Junior Content Producer is responsible for developing and creating content for use across a wide range of media such as digital, social media or print. The content that is created can be used as part of advertising and media campaigns for a client or in-house. 

If you need subtitles, check out the YouTube video: here

We’ve packaged all of the clever and essential stuff apprentices need to know about digital marketing into this unique course, including lots of other professional and interpersonal skills they’ll need to be successful in the workplace.

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As part of the Level 3 Junior Content Producer standard, apprentices will learn:

• Content planning

• Content development 

• Content creation and evaluation

• Industry awareness

We deliver broader digital marketing in the Academy to include:

• Basic marketing principles
• Digital Marketing campaigns
• Digital and Social Media Strategies
• Principles of specialist areas: search marketing, search
engine optimisation, web analytics and metrics
• The major digital and social media platforms
• Digital etiquette (tone of voice)
• Digital platforms in the working environment
• Data protection across digital and social media platforms
• Business environment related to digital marketing and
customer needs



We also take the apprentices through 'office' skills and behaviour in the workplace, and other important work & life skills, ensuring that they are all prepared to start their new career in Digital Marketing.  

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There is a huge digital skills gap in the UK, limiting the sector’s growth and prosperity AND there are thousands of bright young people out there, many of whom – due to the changes in university fees - might decide the apprenticeship route is more attractive than ever.

Couple this with the fact that these young people ‘live’ online more than ever before, and the UK’s first workplace-based Junior Content Producer apprenticeship (The Juice Academy) is born.


The course is the brainchild of Tangerine, a Manchester-based integrated communications consultancy committed to supporting the next generation of ‘bright young things’ into the marketing profession.


The consultancy, with the support of the National Apprenticeship Service and some of the North West’s leading marketing teams (inc JW Lees, Pets at Home, BetFred) and creative agencies (inc BJL, MediaCom, MagneticNorth) manages the development and delivery of the course.