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By employing an apprentice, you will help The Juice Academy create more quality jobs for ambitious people from all different backgrounds. Employers say they experience a wide range of benefits as a result of taking on apprentices. These include improved productivity, staff morale, staff retention and image in the sector, as well as generating new ideas that can lead to improved product or service quality.













As well as recruit a new apprentice through us, you are able to upskill a current employee with The Juice Academy on any programme. Whether it's someone who has recently started in a similar role or an employee that's doing a completely different role that wants to step into a new role. 


Click here to apply to train your current employee with The Juice Academy. 


With The Juice Academy, you can pick an apprentice with the traits and abilities that your business truly needs – and bring them in for a fraction of the price of a graduate. The Apprenticeship Levy and Government funding is in place too, so you can either use your levy pot  or save money on the training for the apprentices you hire. Save on NI contributions for apprentices under 25 and receive a cash bonus if under 18.


Attract new talent with fresh perspectives to the technical/digital economy, driving social mobility and neurodiversity and diversifying your workforce whilst building and moulding your own teams.


Apprentices have 20% off the job training therefore, 20% of their time is spent learning new skills that they can then use in your business. These might be new and updated skills that are being introduced to the business for the first time, therefore benefitting the business as well as training the apprentice.


Apprentices can help tackle the constant skills shortage. In addition to apprentices being a huge benefit to your business, they are also crucial to fill the current skills gaps. This is essential in industries such as digital and technology and therefore your future workforce.


For more information call 0161 5200 811 or email



Who better to put at the heart of an organisation's online activity than a jargon-literate bright ambitious person with a passion for creative and digital? 


Since 2013, The Juice Academy has placed apprentices into businesses of all shapes and sizes in many different sectors. Intense training is delivered by practicing digital specialists from our sister company, Tangerine, as well as leading guest speakers. The digital content marketing apprentices are fully supported and equipped with the knowledge to enhance your digital marketing and content strategies. 


We recruit and place up to 20 Content Creator apprentices per quarter - winter, spring, summer and autumn. We look after all the recruitment, vetting and shortlisting and send you our top candidates to interview. Our next intake starts in July and employers can enquire here 

Please click below to view the brochure for further details.




Recently partnered with Smoking Gun PR to deliver the PR & Comms apprenticeship, who better to train the next generation of public relations professionals than an award-winning PR agency. Candidates who have excellent communication skills will be put forwards for this apprenticeship, or companies can put on a current employee to further upskill them in PR. Our next intake will be starting in September and employers can enquire here

Please click below to view the brochure for further details.







We identified a gap for the fundraising apprenticeship, especially as the charity sector often struggles to retain their fundraising staff. Charities going down this route know they secure their apprentice for 15 months and providing the apprentice receives a good working experience, apprentices are very loyal and remain with the business on completion of their apprenticeship (85% of Juice graduates currently stay with the same company). Young people passionate about the third sector and making a difference will be put forwards for this apprenticeship - and who better than digitally savvy, creative and enthusiastic people to support your fundraising!

Please click below to view the brochure for further details.








Employers must offer the apprentice support via a full-time line manager with some knowledge of the apprentices vocation, who can mentor and provide 'on the job' training.

Employers must allow the apprentice to have 20% off the job training during working hours.


Employers must provide their apprentice with equipment; a portable quality laptop, as a minimum, that they can use for work purposes, bring to the Academy and use for online training. A quality work mobile phone is also recommended but not essential.


Employers of content creator apprentices must also provide apprentices with access to Adobe Creative Cloud for work and training purposes.


If you have any questions about employing a content creator apprentice, or perhaps you're ready to employ, please visit our FAQ page. You can also contact Georgia at The Juice Academy.

C H A R I T Y.

A P P L I C A T I O N 

You can view our full list of current and former employers here.

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