How does it work?

The apprentice is employed by you – on the same Ts and Cs as any other employee - and they will spend most of their time in your office (or remotely working for you), working as part of your team. You give them ‘full day release’ bi-weekly to be trained at The Juice Academy in Castlefield, Manchester (or optional remote training). Apprentices have to evidence 20% off the job training, so in addition to the Academy sessions, they need a day during their ‘free’ weeks to focus on their studies. Tasks, assessments and projects are set buy us to show they’re learning and to provide evidence for the course assessors. The final months of the 15 month programme will be the assessment period and apprentices will be expected to produce a portfolio of work. 


What happens after the apprenticeship?

Hopefully, dependent upon how impressive they’ve been, you’ll offer them a permanent position (and a raise!). 95% of our employers offer a permanent role.


What are the apprentice entry criteria?

They must have an A-C in English and Mathematics at GCSE or equivalent to ensure their basic skills are the best. And ideally they’ll also have a qualification in ICT although this is not mandatory


What are the company entry criteria?

You need to have at least 2 employees in the company, apprentices can work office-based, remotely, or blended. Employers must have a full plan in place for their apprentice to work remotely. These apprentices will be very ‘raw’ when they start and will need full-time day-by-day guidance from their own colleagues, i.e. not just from the programme team.You must provide a quality portable laptop that the apprentice can bring to The Academy. Providing quality mobile phones is strongly recommended in order for the apprentice to create and post content and monitor social media channels out of the office.


What is the qualification?

The programme is 15 months, however, this does depend on learner progression and therefore could end up being slightly shorter or longer. Assuming the apprentice is successful, at the end of their apprenticeship they will receive a Level 3 Junior Content Producer Standard.


What do we pay?

All Juice Academy apprentices are paid a minimum standard package across the 15-month programme. This consists of minimum £12,000 salary for the first 12 months, thereafter increasing to the National Living Wage. If you can offer a higher starting salary, this could really help with recruitment and finding you a great fit.


Training is government-funded, however, depending on the size of the company and the age of the apprentice, there are some extra costs involved, or grants available. For full details please see our cost flow chart here.


What are the working hours?

These are employees and therefore subject to the same terms, conditions and working practices as any other employee of your company. Remember, as they are in training, they might need a little more support and flexibility. They have to complete 20% off the job training which includes the Academy sessions and tasks/assessments we set them. Further details can be found here.


How will they be recruited?

See Selection

What if we don’t get an apprentice this time?

There are four intakes of 20 apprentices over the course of the year (January, April, July and October) so if we’re oversubscribed this time, we can speak with you about being involved next time.


Will I need to pay a travel allowance?

No –  As with any apprenticeship or college/university course, the apprentices are expected to make their own way to your office and the training academy in Manchester at their own expense. If, however, you wish to cover any element of this, it is entirely up to you.


What if I don’t like the apprentice once they start?

Apprentices are employees just like anyone else in your company. While obviously, we’d like you to do all you can to make the relationship work – remembering these people are possibly younger and far less experienced than other employees - ultimately your company’s standard HR rules, terms and conditions apply. The course leaders are also on hand to support you during selection and throughout the course.


How do I apply?

See Apply