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A CAREER IN SOCIAL MEDIA is something that many people wish for and for Molly, this became true. After finishing college, Molly began to apply to universities, and even after having successful applications and being offered a place, it didn’t feel right. As her friends went off to university, she decided to stay in her hometown to work out what to do next to spark a career. 

The Juice Academy is the first employer-led UK social media apprenticeship, launched to increase youth employment and fill an industry-wide skills gap by training young professionals in the practical application of social media. Once Molly discovered The Juice Academy, she knew that this was the path she needed to take. With already running a YouTube channel and using her social media accounts as a way to promote, she knew that doing an apprenticeship in digital marketing and content production was the perfect option. 

During the Bootcamp stage, Molly showcased her skills against fifty other applicants to win a place in The Juice Academy’s 9th cohort. Gym Cube noticed Molly’s strong work ethic and her potential to grow, so offered her the apprenticeship. Molly found her overall experience doing an apprenticeship through The Juice Academy as a positive one, especially because she was employed by a really fun and amazing company. 

She found that the workload throughout the apprenticeship was well managed and that there was never a moment where she felt overwhelmed which made her experience all the better. 

After completing her apprenticeship, Molly was offered a permanent position within the fitness company and she stayed there for two years, utilising the skills learnt whilst doing her apprenticeship and gaining further experience. With beauty being a strong passion for Molly and with it being the thing that sparked her passion for working within social media, she decided it was time to take the next step in her career and work within the beauty industry. 

Molly now works for Tatti Lashes as The Head of Social Media & Influencers. Within just 5 years she has progressed very quickly, however, this was done through hard work and pushing herself to show her seniors the potential she has. The hard work has paid off for Molly and she is now pursuing her dream job in beauty! 


What is one piece of advice you would give to current apprentices?

‘Don’t ever think you know it all, there’s always something new to learn. There’s always room for improvement, a new skill, new software, things are forever changing so never get lazy with it and stay on top of your game’.

Started Apprenticeship: Cohort 3, 2017

Employer during Apprenticeship: Gym Cube

Current employer: Tatti Lashes

Current Job Title: Head of Social Media & Influencers




GETTING GOING WITH A CAREER – without being saddled with thousands of pounds worth of student debt – is a scenario many young people can only dream about, but for Cheadle teenager Carly Phillips, this is now a reality.


Carly left Xaverian College in August 2013 with AS Levels in English Literature and Language, Graphics and Media, before diving head first into an apprenticeship.


Keen to start her career immediately, earn her own money and build a network of contacts, Carly researched different working routes and discovered, through The Juice Academy, she could turn her favourite pastime – social media – into a career where she could continue learning and developing in this ever-evolving new media.

Carly pitted her skills against hundreds of other applicants at a gruelling full day ‘bootcamp’ to win a coveted place in The Academy’s first apprenticeship cohort.


At bootcamp, Carly impressed leading property company Bruntwood – which owns and manages more than 100 properties  throughout Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Birmingham and Leeds – and was quickly snapped up to work as its social media apprentice.

Marketing & HR director and co-owner of Bruntwood, Kate Vokes, said: “We recruit for attitude and fit rather than experience and we find it’s beneficial to recruit young people into the business and train them up ourselves.”

With a supportive network of friends and family backing her decision all the way, university was never an option for Carly, who had her sights firmly set on an apprenticeship and unrivalled on-the-job experience.


She said: “My parents never pushed me into the university option – they left the decision up to me. They were so proud when I got a place with Bruntwood because they knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.

“The one piece of advice I’d give to someone weighing up their options fresh out of school or college would be to look into doing something you love for a job and always research other ways of getting there. University is not the only option, so don't be a sheep and follow the crowd because you feel you have to.”

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Since Carly’s apprenticeship, she joined The Juice Academy team in 2015 as their digital marketing executive, where she stayed for 2 and a half years before landing her dream job at Access Creative College, a famous music college where the likes of Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and Jess Glynne attended. She’s had the privilege of attending music festivals as press, to interview Mr Sheeran himself! A few years on and she’s been promoted to Business Development Manager within the company!

Started Apprenticeship: Cohort 1, 2013

Employer during Apprenticeship: Bruntwood

Current employer: Access Creative College

Current Job Title: Business Development Manager

What is one piece of advice you would give to current apprentices?

'Meet and talk to as many people as you can. If you want a foot in the door of a specific sector, the best thing to do is network, talk and connect'



Rachel Marsden 

Pretty Little Thing


Rachel Marsden, Cohort 20

Started apprenticeship: April 2018

Employer during apprenticeship: Pretty Little Thing

Current Employer: Pretty Little Thing

Job Title: Paid Media Executive


“Throughout my apprenticeship at, I have learnt more than Digital Marketing alone. I’ve learnt business best practices, data analysis, creativity and so much more. It has also allowed me to network with industry leaders across the UK, enhancing my learning further. My apprenticeship has equipped me with a brilliant understanding in Digital Marketing and has helped my professional career in more ways than I believed was possible.”

Kristy Hynes, Line Manager 

"In the year and a half that I have been Rachel’s manager, she has proven herself to be an exceptional individual in all aspects of Paid Social and Display. So much so, that in this short time she has not only become a permanent member of the PrettyLittleThing business, but has been promoted twice. I am truly grateful that she was able to join the team through the apprenticeship scheme, and if others of her skill level and work ethic are given similar opportunities, businesses would be lucky to welcome them."

Lydia Ward



Lydia Ward, Cohort 18

Started apprenticeship: October 2017

Employer during apprenticeship: BDB

Current Employer: BDB

Job Title: Senior Digital Account Executive

Lydia is also currently completing a part-time Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship at MMU. 

"My passion for digital started at the Juice Academy in 2017 where I hit the ground running, took every opportunity that came my way…and never looked back. In fact, I only looked forward, which brought me to where I am today: working as a Senior Digital Executive at BDB, alongside doing a part time degree in digital marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. The apprenticeship programmes have armed me with the skills, knowledge and confidence to progress my career and take on more responsibilities. It has enabled me to put the academic theories into practice, add value to the business and keep me at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape."

Oliver Brewood, Line Manager

"Lydia joined BDB back in October 2017 with a keen interest in digital marketing – since then, she’s continuously worked hard to develop her skills across all digital channels and is never afraid to get stuck into something new. On a daily basis Lydia proves her commitment, going above and beyond to meet client needs / deadlines whilst delivering first-class paid campaigns and digital projects. She is a pleasure to work alongside and I’m thankful she chose to join BDB."

Gabrielle Jones

Absolute Agency


Gabrielle Jones, Cohort 21


Started apprenticeship: July 2018

Employer during apprenticeship: Absolute Agency

Current Employer: Absolute Agency

Job Title: Account Executive

"I started my apprenticeship with The Juice Academy 2 and a half years ago, straight from college, brand new to the industry. I was lucky enough to begin my career with a great company - Absolute Agency. With their support, I have learnt an invaluable amount of information about the marketing and digital world, working on exciting campaigns, photoshoots and web development projects. 


The main skill I think I’ve gained is that it doesn’t matter how much you know, it’s how much you’re willing to learn - be a sponge and absorb it all! There may be some mistakes made along the way but how else do you learn and grow?


Having now completed my apprenticeship, I am using the skills I have gained in my role as an Account Executive and look forward to learning even more!" 

Paula Smith, Line Manager

"During the 2.5 years Gabs has been with Absolute, whilst studying for her CIM qualification, we have seen not only her skills improve and her confidence, but she has become an invaluable member of the Client Services team and the agency as a whole.  Gabs supports on some of our larger Clients and projects and has taken responsibility for some of her own Clients and managed projects independently.  Gabs has a can-do attitude and every request she undertakes with an efficient and happy to help approach.  We look forward to Gabs starting out on her career path and developing her skills further."

Jenny Byrne



Jenny Byrne, Cohort 21 

Started apprenticeship: July 2018

Employer during apprenticeship: Platform81

Current Employer: Platform81

Job Title: Junior Digital Marketing Executive


Jenny has gone on to completing further qualifications, receiving a merit in her CIM Level 4 Digital Marketing and a Pass with Credit in the IPA Foundation Certificate.


“My apprenticeship with The Juice Academy allowed me to successfully learn the knowledge and insights I needed at the start of my career in a digital industry, taking guidance from experts with years of experience. It allowed me to see the possibilities within my role and the industry itself, and what I could aspire to do moving forward into my career. Not only did my apprenticeship allow me to get my foot in the door and succeed in a busy, upcoming industry, it helped me make connections with others at the same level as me who were going through the same experience and learning, many of who I’m still friends with today!”

Amanda Childs, Line Manager

“Like with our agency mission, we believe in building things from the ground up and that goes for our team and talent too. Recruiting Jenny as an apprentice and investing in her continued growth has been a great journey for Platform81 to be on with her. She shows maturity, confidence, and work ethic well beyond her years, and is now seen as an integral part of the team whom we can all rely on for support. Following her apprenticeship, we’ve invested in her continued learning enrolling her on the IPA Foundation Certificate, as not only does it enhance her knowledge, but it then further instils ours and our client’s confidence in her to perform her role with confidence and expertise. We hope Jenny will be at Platform81 for many years to come as she progresses in her career that started with us.” 

Thomas Tanswell

McCann Manchester

Tom Tanswell_edited.jpg

Thomas Tanswell, Cohort 09

Started apprenticeship: July 2015

Employer during apprenticeship: Tangerine Communications

Current Employer: McCann Manchester

Job Title: Social Media Manager


"I started my Apprenticeship in August 2015, straight out of college. Well, actually, I was in the midst of dropping out of college, as I had done with my AS Levels the year prior. I had no idea what I wanted to do, like many 17 – 18-year-olds, so I went trawling through trying to find anything that took my interest. That’s when I stumbled across The Juice Academy. 


I was fortunate enough to start my career with an incredible company – Tangerine - as well as having the benefit of being able to learn from previous apprentices and the founder, Sandy Lindsay herself. Throughout my time at Tangerine, I learnt invaluable skills that have helped me through every step of my career, and skills that I continue to pass onto my junior colleagues to this day. The apprenticeship armed me with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and confidence that I needed to progress in an industry I knew nothing about until I started. 


Since completing my apprenticeship in 2016, I’ve joined McCann Manchester where I’ve had an amazing amount of opportunity come my way as a result of my apprenticeship. I’m currently a Social Media Manager and have worked on the likes of Aldi UK and Microsoft working with colleagues across the country."

Jonathan Escott

MTK Global


Jonathan Escott, Cohort 04

Started apprenticeship: July 2015

Employer during apprenticeship: Tangerine Communications

Current Employer: McCann Manchester

Job Title: Social Media Manager


"I first came across The Juice Academy whilst in my first year at university. I wasn't too sure on apprenticeships at the time, but it seemed like a fantastic opportunity, so I went for it and attended the boot camp and then I was taken on by Tangerine PR and I spent a year there whilst I completed my apprenticeship. 


I then moved on to CheckdMedia where I worked for six years and now, I currently find myself working for MTK Global.


 My experience after completing the apprenticeship was a really good one. I found myself at an exciting, innovative, and fast-moving company where I excelled over the period in which I worked for them. The apprenticeship also opens many doors in terms of networking as in your cohort there are fellow apprentices working in a variety of industries for completely unique and different brands.


 I am currently the Head of Social Media for MTK Global and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We currently manage over 250 professional boxers and over 120 MMA fighters with the likes of Tyson Fury, Josh Taylor and Darren Till on our books.


At the moment, it's a very busy period for us. We usually have at least one or two fighters fighting every weekend, so my work is usually based on those fighters week in and week out. However, with a big fight like Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder coming up in a couple of months, our focus is on that, also due to the enormity of it and the number of eyes that will be on it and the fact that most of the stuff we broadcast around Fury does well on all social media platforms. 


 I'd say my proudest moment to date would be getting the job I currently have. I am a massive boxing fan so to be working alongside people I’ve looked up to for years, doing a job I love in a beautiful country with an incredible climate, it's very much a dream that I’ve made come true.


 If I was to offer one piece of advice it would be to learn from your mistakes and never give up on chasing your dreams. You're going to get knock backs in life, that's just part and partial of life itself, but as long as you learn from your knock backs and learn from your mistakes and keep working hard, you will reap the rewards one day"