The New Normal

If you’d have told me this time last year, I would be writing a blog talking about how I’ve spent the last 9 weeks stuck inside my home, I would’ve laughed at how ridiculous that was. But here I am, approaching my 10th week stuck inside my house doing exactly that. It’s hard to believe, for most of us, that this has become our life, unable to see our family and friends, restrictions placed on when we can leave our house and where we can go. At the beginning, I struggled badly with stress and worry around the whole situation. I found out I’d have to isolate until the end of June at a minimum due to my brother’s disability, and the thought of being unable to leave my house until then scared me

It's ok if you don't know

As a kid, there was always one question I dreaded being asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” To say I was clueless, would be an understatement. That’s not to say I didn’t have plenty of interests through. Far from it – especially when it came to sports. I played everything from football, to basketball, cricket, rugby - you name it, I probably had a decent go at it at some point. However, I knew the odds of becoming a professional athlete were slim to none. Then there was the academic side of things. From a very early age, people have always told me that I’m smart. Not like Einstein-smart, but I could fairly easily get A’s & B’s throughout school. The issue is, when you fall into

Change is never too late

When I sat down and contemplated the topic that my blog should be based on, I simply sat back and thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this’. The reason for doing so is most likely a result of the change that my life has undergone in two short years. Around two years ago, I stumbled upon the Juice Academy in my search for a new job after being recently made redundant, and was lucky enough to attend the following boot camp. After introducing myself to the employers and the other applicants, it became apparent to me that I didn’t possess the skills or experience that would persuade any potential employers to take on myself over the other applicants, with that being confi


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