Holidaying during COVID-19 - What's it like?

Unfortunately, a surge in COVID-19 infection rates meant that we were not some of the lucky holidaymakers that were able to enter the Balearics without having to quarantine upon return arrival in England. As Boris confirmed that the air bridge between Britain and Ibiza was closed, we frantically searched for a holiday destination with minimal risk of 14-day self-isolation. Two days before our scheduled departure and with little hope of travelling we successfully managed to reschedule the holiday to Turkey. Only then did it dawn on me… what will it be like to travel in a COVID-19 world? Here is how I believe the pandemic has changed the landscape of air travel and holidays: The Airport- Altho

Coping Mechanisms For Those Bad Mental Health Days

I’m sure that we’ve all had days like these, especially over the past few months in lockdown... Those days where the idea of peeling yourself out from underneath the covers seems impossible, talking to or replying to your closest family members and friends seems like a chore, and your ordinary daily tasks seem simply draining. We've all been there, but not everyone knows how to cope with those days. So, I wanted to make a little list of the things I, or people I know, do to help and maybe, just maybe, it will help someone else too. 1. Exercise I never thought I’d be one to join the gym, ask literally anyone that knows me, and they’d laugh and say “Abi, at the gym... Never going to happen!”,


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