The Instagram Likes Ban

Instagram’s latest initiative has proven to be a controversial one, with the platform recently announcing the exclusion of like counts on users’ images. If the feature is rolled out to the masses, the public will no longer be able to see a number in relation to how ‘liked’ content is. Instagram has reportedly taken this action in an attempt to remove the pressures, particularly for the younger generation, associated with social media use and online popularity – the move hopes to address issues including reduced sleep, body image, and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri comments “We can’t avoid social comparison. We’re social beings, and competition is part of what give

Meet Cohort 27

We started 2020 off exactly how we wish to continue the year... creating more exciting jobs for apprentices and filling the digital skills gap in the North West! Our first Boot Camp of the year was a great success with employers such as: Rumpus PR, Smoking Gun and Smartbreeder successfully finding their new social media savvy apprentice! We would like you to meet our newest apprentices! Sophie Ward Banar Comms Describe yourself with an emoji... 🧗 The female climber emoji is up there because indoor bouldering is my hobby and a great stress release. It allows me to feel strong and empowered and in control while simultaneously making me feel terrified and full of adrenaline. Maia Jones Brookso

I didn't get into university

I’ve always wanted to go to university. My dream was Edinburgh – the same place my dad went, and where I was born. I was always a ‘bright kid’ too, and university was just the natural route for me. Fast forward to college – I knew I wanted to help people, and I loved sociology – so I applied for a sociology & criminology degree, with the plan to go into the police after. I remember so clearly the first time I went to Lancaster University – I already loved the sound of the course online, but being there gave me such a weird sense of being home. I’d been set on Edinburgh or York, but I got such a good vibe from this local university. So, I applied! I worked so hard through college – hours of r


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