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Meet Cohort 27

We started 2020 off exactly how we wish to continue the year... creating more exciting jobs for apprentices and filling the digital skills gap in the North West! Our first Boot Camp of the year was a great success with employers such as: Rumpus PR, Smoking Gun and Smartbreeder successfully finding their new social media savvy apprentice!

We would like you to meet our newest apprentices!

Sophie Ward

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🧗 The female climber emoji is up there because indoor bouldering is my hobby and a great stress release. It allows me to feel strong and empowered and in control while simultaneously making me feel terrified and full of adrenaline.

Maia Jones

Describe yourself in a tweet…

The type of person who would spend two days trying to describe herself in 140 characters, only to find that she would need 140 more! 🤪

Ali Hussain

Describe yourself with an emoji…

😏 I believe that the smirking face emoji describes my personality the best, as I have always been a humorous person and find myself very funny. I believe that I'm quite a calm and collected individual who doesn't have a short temper and can take a joke. I believe the emoji portrays my personality traits as I always seem to have a smile on my face and I'm always glad to help. Finally the emoji has a slight cheeky grin which I am told I possess.

Shannon Clarke

Describe yourself in a tweet…

Hey I'm Shannie, total nerd, complicated, yes but ultimately always dedicated to a good cause.

Eva Joyce

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🔋 I'd say the emoji that best describes my personality is the battery, this is because I am always full of life, and when I’m around someone who seems run down or tired, I consider myself a pro at charging them back up. I often go to concerts with friends and listen to podcasts while at home to re-charge myself.

Emily Hudson

Describe yourself in a tweet…

Liked by many for my sense of humour and bright smile - clearly a winner!

Lucy O'Connell

Describe yourself with an emoji…

✨ The emoji that consists of 3 stars in a formation. I have always found the stars and space in general, really fascinating. Although, it's vastness can be viewed as daunting or intimidating, I have always found some strange comfort to the familiarity of it. I think that is an attitude I have always applied to new or daunting situations, no matter how unfamiliar it may seem at first, I will find sparks of familiarity and comfort there. The main reason I would relate myself to this emoji more than others, is that I think I shine brightest as an individual when I am surrounded by like-minded people.

Holly Brookes

Describe yourself in a tweet…

Social media addict. Always looking for a way to make my page look more aesthetically pleasing!

Georgia Bingham

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🚀 The emoji that describes my personality is most likely the rocket emoji because I am very ambitious and I put a lot of hard work into getting to where I want to be.

Will Baldwin-Park

Describe yourself in a tweet…

There’s a line from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick that resonates with me - “I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing”. Over 600 pages of book for one decent line. Not worth it.

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