A Day In The Life Of A Digital Apprentice

I can guarantee as a Digital Marketing Apprentice no day will be the same! My morning starts with that dreaded sound! After a few snoozes and some orange juice I’m up and ready to walk out the door, on my lovely way to work down open country lanes I listen to my favourite feel good songs to start the day. I have been working as a Digital Apprentice for Cunning Plan Marketing since September 2019 after attending a bootcamp day at The Juice Academy in Manchester and getting recruited by James, our Managing Director, on the day! Arriving at my desk I begin to check my emails for Google Alerts; to help me spot new trends, inspirational stories and of course news about our current clients that we

Train Your Creativity

In modern day life it is so easy to pick up a new hobby, thanks to the likes of Google and YouTube ANYBODY can teach themselves… well, anything really! Which is why I find it so upsetting that commonly within young people creativity is hindered and judged by peers, especially when we’re living in the golden age of expression and individuality. When I was 13 years old, I started my own YouTube channel, here I expressed my passion for comedy entertainment and video games, resulting in my own personal product. This channel was my pride and joy. Every day I would be coming up with new video ideas and dedicating hours upon hours to bringing them to fruition. Countless amount of nights spent recor


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