Four Easy Steps to Get Rid of Negative Facebook Reviews

In an ideal world you are likely to get around 500 Facebook reviews. That being said your service may have dipped over the last few years, or you might just get that annoying customer that just loves to cause carnage. Either way, everyone will have a bad review somewhere. So, for this blog I will openly tell you how to deal with them. Before I get into the gritty stuff, one thing you should know is, completely getting rid of bad Facebook is like Mission Impossible, just without the lasers and guns. For a business wanting to attract customers, which is the majority of them let’s be honest, most of the time a potential new customer will look at the Facebook reviews first. Facebook is one of th

A Breakfast With Nicky Unsworth

After the huge success of our ‘An Evening With…’ events where two Juice Academy apprentices interview a successful entrepreneur, we decided to start ‘A Breakfast With…’ for the early risers! For our first ‘A Breakfast With…’ event, we interviewed Nicky Unsworth, the CEO of BJL, a multi-award winning advertising and marketing agency. Nicky was interviewed by two of our digital marketing apprentices, Dan Halsall (Manchester Airport Group) and Claire McDivitt (Lazerian). Claire and Dan are both apprentices in Cohort 25 and were both extremely keen to interview Nicky to learn more about her career journey. We started off the morning with networking and a delicious and healthy breakfast provided

Our 26th Cohort!

We would like to welcome you to our 26th Cohort of social media savvy, digital marketing apprentices. After being successful in their applications and attending a highly competitive Boot Camp, these are the fantastic candidates who secured a job at the end of the day. These Facebook fanatics impressed employers such as: JW Lees, Seven Bro7hers Brewery and Pixel Kicks. We are excited to welcome our 26th Cohort and to kick start their career in digital marketing! Francesca Slonker Seven Bro7hers Describe yourself with an emoji... 🎨 It has to be the paint palette emoji because I am happiest when I am being creative and expressing myself through artwork and my individual appearance. Wherever I


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