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Four Easy Steps to Get Rid of Negative Facebook Reviews

In an ideal world you are likely to get around 500 Facebook reviews. That being said your service may have dipped over the last few years, or you might just get that annoying customer that just loves to cause carnage. Either way, everyone will have a bad review somewhere. So, for this blog I will openly tell you how to deal with them.

Before I get into the gritty stuff, one thing you should know is, completely getting rid of bad Facebook is like Mission Impossible, just without the lasers and guns.

For a business wanting to attract customers, which is the majority of them let’s be honest, most of the time a potential new customer will look at the Facebook reviews first. Facebook is one of the number one leading social networks, nowadays most of the population are scrolling through it. As a result, it is the perfect place to root around and look for reviews.

Therefore, having positive testimonials on show will persuade potential customers to try your product or service. Take a restaurant for example, how many times have you looked at a restaurant’s Facebook reviews before going there for the first time. Countless, right? That is what will happen with any potential customers, so by having terrible reviews as the first thing they’ll see, you’re in trouble.

But not to worry, I am here to rescue you!

Enough of the chit chat, let’s get into it. Here are the four vital things I’ve picked up along the way to properly deal with them…

1. Dilute it / them with other great reviews.

What we mean by this is if you have a lot of good reviews then you can use them to your advantage, meaning if you can promote them, such as use them for content, then the bad ones can get overlooked.

2. Hold your hands up if you’re in the wrong.

It’s a fact of life that everyone makes mistakes, even experienced people, but that can sometimes lead to the customer getting annoyed. In this instance all you can do is hold your hands up and apologise. This is the best thing you can do in this scenario, making up some lame excuse to the customer won’t fix things. In fact, it will make matters a lot worse because they will likely call you out on your excuse, causing the whole dramatic situation to be escalated.

3. If you’re right, fight back.

Who’s heard of the phrase “The customer is always right”? Well scrap that, if you are right then don’t be afraid to tell your side of the story. You don’t want to turn your company into a push over that apologies constantly, have some respect.

4. The WORST you can do is just ignore it.

This is possibly the worst thing you can do. Having a bad review may be a blessing in disguise. You can gain a lot from a bad review such as, ‘get better customer service’ or ‘improve your sales team’. From that, you can take a step back and improve your downfalls. This can lead to better performances in the future, which means… that’s right you guessed it… less bad Facebook reviews and more business!

Overall, I’ve established that to try and wipe bad Facebook reviews off the face of the earth, you’ll have to turn into Tom Cruise and hang off the side of a building. But there are ways to deal with them by being your normal self. By following these steps, it will turn your Facebook review page into an immaculate piece of art.

Alex Turner

Cohort 25

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