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Digital Marketing for a Social Purpose Company - My Experience

About Me  

I’m Cydney, a 20-year-old digital marketing apprentice at Vivify Venues. I started at Vivify in May 2023, through the Juice Academy Digital Marketing apprenticeship partnered with Apprentify. I decided to pursue a career in digital marketing because I believe the skills required are valuable in a world that is becoming more digital by the day. There is no doubt that digital marketing is the backbone of most successful businesses. Almost 90% of small businesses use some type of advertising, whether traditional or digital, or a mixture of both*. I am passionate about marketing, I don’t see it as a job, to me it’s a lifestyle. I have adapted the mindset of thinking of the marketing benefits in everything I do.

Almost 90%of small businesses use some form of advertising.

Working For Vivify 

Working for a company like Vivify has made me feel very positive about the world of marketing and the workplace in general. Their mission is to help schools across the UK to generate revenue by hiring out their facilities to hirers that host community/sports events and require a venue to do so. The vision is to help people get out and experience physical activity. I relate with this message because I love physical activity and I personally believe that sport is massively important for your physical and mental wellbeing.  

The support I have received from everyone is incredible. Starting a new role in an industry I didn’t have a clue about was daunting, but I’ve been well-supported. An open space has been created for me which is important as I feel comfortable asking questions if I do not understand things. This has really aided my learning and understanding. I am sure that the support and comfort I have received from my colleagues is the reason I have settled in so quickly and swiftly picked things up. Marketing is a broad subject and often people are assigned to one part of it. But what I love about Vivify is that I am gaining exposure to all aspects of marketing. Due to being new to the industry, I wouldn’t like to close myself off to one area of marketing. So, gaining access in all areas has really worked in my favour.

Although my role is digitally based, it is nice to gain a level of understanding and experience on the more off-line side too. I believe this will enable me to see what I enjoy most in the marketing world with the aim of specialising later in my career. 

Digital Marketing at Vivify 

Digital marketing helps our communities and schools because it increases awareness of the facilities available for hire. For example, revenue is generated when hirers book our school’s facilities. So, when we use digital marketing across social platforms, emails, SEO optimisation, and more, we raise awareness and increase the chance of the school’s facilities filling up.  

All parties benefit because when our schools generate revenue, they’re able to put this back into their school to pay for energy bills, new equipment, teaching and learning, pupil trips, and much more. The hirers also get a regular venue to host their sport, activity, or group. It's a win-win for all!

If Vivify was a person they would be a loyal, trusted friend that you could always rely on. Much like me because I believe loyalty and trust are very important attributes. Everyone on the Vivify team goes above and beyond to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. I feel proud to be part of a growing team with the same purpose and values as me. We all work in different teams, but we all have the same aim and contribute in different ways. I am looking forward to raising awareness of our business in the digital world, helping more schools across the country and providing more people with hiring a venue.  


Cydney Cryne, Cohort 39 Content Creator Apprentice at Vivify Venues


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