5 Tips for Staying Productive and Following a Routine in the newly announced Lockdown

Working, studying, and being productive during this national lockdown is


Having more time on our hands and having to stay at home does not automatically equal productivity. It's easy to feel like all this extra time means we should be finishing those projects that life has gotten in the way of. Or getting that body that we never had time to train for before.

That kind of pressure and those high expectations only lead to one thing - n o t h i n g.

You feel pressured, you feel stressed out - so you stay on your couch or in your bed and you scroll through your feeds. Probably feeling worse watching other people seemingly achieve things you could be, and 'should' be achieving.

Well, here's me to tell you - YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Breathe.

It's okay to just BE during this very weird time in our lives.