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Apprenticeship after a Degree Three Years ago, when I was excited to embark on my new adventure at the University of Huddersfield, I would not have guessed that after completing my degree in music, I would be starting an apprenticeship in digital marketing and content production. After the abrupt end to my degree and being unable to celebrate with the people I had spent an incredible three years with, I was left feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. Whilst my close friends were successfully applying to study master’s degrees or receiving job offers, I found it increasingly harder to find a job, particularly with the decline of the arts due to COVID. It wasn’t until I discovered The Jui

Dealing with the Productivity Demon

Have you ever spent your day off feeling like you are not doing enough? Yeah, its a day off - it’s a day that should be completely free of worrying that you should get A, B or C done - but still, you can’t shake the inkling that you are just not being productive. There’s nothing on your to-do list. You are meant to be able to do whatever your heart desires and yet, the feeling remains. I like to call it the productivity demon. It’s the do-more devil that sits on your shoulder. ‘You can’t binge-watch your favourite show right now, you’ve not done anything worthwhile to deserve it’. ‘Staying in bed past 10? What a waste of a day’. ‘You couldn’t possibly be thinking about rest, there’s work to


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