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Apprenticeship after a Degree

Three Years ago, when I was excited to embark on my new adventure at the University of Huddersfield, I would not have guessed that after completing my degree in music, I would be starting an apprenticeship in digital marketing and content production. After the abrupt end to my degree and being unable to celebrate with the people I had spent an incredible three years with, I was left feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. Whilst my close friends were successfully applying to study master’s degrees or receiving job offers, I found it increasingly harder to find a job, particularly with the decline of the arts due to COVID.

It wasn’t until I discovered The Juice Academy that I became sure of a path I wanted to take after my degree. Although people may view it as a step back in terms of qualification, I have noticed that it is becoming a popular choice and in fact, can be the perfect step forward. The difference that I have found is the ‘experience’ aspect, you can study a degree and receive a high classification but without experience in the industry, for the most part, it is very challenging to receive a job offer. Completing an apprenticeship allows you to work for a qualification whilst gaining direct experience within the industry, which is more impressionable to employers in the long run.

Now I don’t favour apprenticeships over university or vice versa, however, I have comprised a list of 4 reasons why completing an apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity. This will also hopefully help to break any stigmas surrounding apprenticeships.

  1. NO DEBT!

This one excites me, as someone who has just gone t