Dealing with the Productivity Demon

Have you ever spent your day off feeling like you are not doing enough? Yeah, its a day off - it’s a day that should be completely free of worrying that you should get A, B or C done - but still, you can’t shake the inkling that you are just not being productive. There’s nothing on your to-do list. You are meant to be able to do whatever your heart desires and yet, the feeling remains. I like to call it the productivity demon.

It’s the do-more devil that sits on your shoulder. ‘You can’t binge-watch your favourite show right now, you’ve not done anything worthwhile to deserve it’. ‘Staying in bed past 10? What a waste of a day’. ‘You couldn’t possibly be thinking about rest, there’s work to be done’ He’s there to bestow imposter syndrome upon your well deserved time off and he seems impossible to shake. How are we supposed to put an cope with this unfix-able feeling?

This isn’t a blog post that’s going to offer you a foolproof fix. The most I can do is share my ways of trying to combat the demon. What I hope is that you can find comfort in re-thinking what ‘productivity’ means.

First, it would be useful to consider the absolute mess we’ve all found ourselves in this year. We all joke about 2020 being cancelled or using 2021 as a do-over, but really… How good would it be to just erase that whole pandemic thing from the timeline? The abrupt way we were stripped of needing (read: being allowed) to be anywhere but home was a bit of a waking nightmare kind of vibe.

Of course, some people still had jobs that they could continue from home, or studies to complete.

However, everyone was stuck with a load of time that could not be filled. What a jackpot for the productivity demon within us all. But, what do we do now? What do we do when after months of feeling like we don’t even deserve to think of the word ‘productiv