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Big Sister Advice: Friendships after Sixth Form

You’ve finished school. People are moving away, going to university, getting jobs, travelling. Where does that leave friendships that you have built over your time in education?


Life after sixth form is a really big change for everyone. I know I found it quite hard to adjust to the change. Friendships being one of them. You go from spending every day with people to then hardly seeing any of them again? It is a hard pill to swallow but sadly it is life. We can’t all stay in the same place forever and we all have to move on. Sounds like a breakup right! Friendship break ups are but let me be the big sister you never had and give you some advice!


After finishing school, I knew I didn’t want to go to university and I wanted to go straight into my career, which is what I did. However, I was practically the only one of my friends that chose this route to stay home and work and not go to uni. Many of my friends I met in sixth form were off to uni in Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds and even America! I thought it would be fine as a few people were staying home too, however I have hardly seen them. Life is so busy after education, and it is so hard to find time to see people you used to see every day. I really struggled coming to terms with this and it is sad to think back to all the memories we made to then losing touch. However, I have learnt that it isn’t because we are bad people, but we are all just so busy and life can get in the way sometimes. The power of social media means we can still stay in contact which is amazing to do!


However, sometimes friends can distance and not put any effort in with you anymore. At first it is a horrible feeling, however, see it as they aren’t a true friend. Real friends wouldn’t let you feel lonely, and they would persist to still see you or even call you. Growing up is learning to see who is worthy of being in your life and only having room for people that benefit you. You will meet so many people on your new adventures and you will look back in a year or even a few months and you will wish you could tell yourself to not worry, and everything will work out!


My number one advice is that a smaller group of friends is always worth more than a big group of friends. I don’t have a big girl group; I have one most amazing best friend who has been by my side for 7 years. We have gone through girl groups together and realised that having each other is just as great. Not feeling judged, having lots of trust, effort and most importantly happiness. She goes to uni in Liverpool, I work in Manchester but because we have such a strong friendship, we both make the effort and time to see each other. I see her more than people I know that stayed in Manchester which says a lot!

Prioritise your own happiness, be open to new opportunities and have faith in your future!


Maisie Jackson, Cohort 40, Content Creator Apprentice at Hunter Price


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