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Our 26th Cohort!

We would like to welcome you to our 26th Cohort of social media savvy, digital marketing apprentices. After being successful in their applications and attending a highly competitive Boot Camp, these are the fantastic candidates who secured a job at the end of the day. These Facebook fanatics impressed employers such as: JW Lees, Seven Bro7hers Brewery and Pixel Kicks.

We are excited to welcome our 26th Cohort and to kick start their career in digital marketing!

Francesca Slonker

Seven Bro7hers

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🎨 It has to be the paint palette emoji because I am happiest when I am being creative and expressing myself through artwork and my individual appearance. Wherever I am, in any situation, I am always looking for the artistic route as well as inspiring others to do so too.

Stephen Kelly

JW Lees

Describe yourself in a tweet...

Just a guy who is creative minded and incredibly involved in the things he's passionate about. Looks for laughter, like-minded people, creative satisfaction... and a beer.

Harry Hooper

Pixel Kicks

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🤗 The emoji that best describes me is 100 percent the hugging face emoji with a huge smile. I find this best reflects my personality as I always have a smile on my face, I am friendly and also very polite.

Chloe Carter

Refinery Photography

Describe yourself in a tweet...

I am an outgoing, approachable person with a lot of time to help others. I love engaging with new people and thrive off learning new things.

Grace Heald

The Brow Doctors

Describe yourself with an emoji...

😃 The emoji that best describes my personality is the grinning face with big eyes, the first thing people notice about me are my big eyes and I smile a lot. I like to think that my big eyes allow me to see the bigger picture and I am very imaginative and dramatic.

Niamh Horner

The Lake District National Park

Describe yourself in a tweet...

Positive, confident and motivated girl who thrives at all work given her. Self motivation allows me to work hard and organisation keeps me on track. Throw a bit of social media in too and I'm set.

Ellie Burgoyne

Green Earth Appeal

Describe yourself with an emoji...

😬 This is the emoji that best describes me as I am a perfectionist and usually stressed about something!

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