Coding Club 2.0

In April, we teamed up with Northcoders to create our first-ever Coding Club. With an aim to supercharge all digital marketers, including our own Juice Academy social media apprentices, the Coding Club taught individuals how to create their very own responsive webpage from scratch, while looking great on desktop and mobile. After a very successful launch, we’ve decided to bring Coding Club back for round two which will run from Wednesday 2nd November, on day per week for six consecutive weeks. What’s involved? Week 1 How the web works, version control & HTML Week 2 CSS - make your site look right Week 3 Bootstrap, Twitter’s popular front-end framework Week 4 Basics of JavaScript, the languag

GCSEs - Eden Palomba's Story

Like a lot of other teenagers, exams were my ultimate fear, so GCSE’s were incredibly daunting! I revised non-stop, worked really hard and came out of school with GCSE results that opened many doors for me. This being said, knowing what you want to do at the age of 15/16 is super difficult and at the time it felt almost impossible to decide. From my first ever textiles lesson in year 7, my heart has always been set on a career in fashion and textiles. I applied for a place at college to study a Level 3 Fashion & Textiles course for two years. I was accepted and was so excited thinking, “This is the first step of my career”. Sixth months of college passed and it’s safe to say it really wasn’t

The Juice Academy - Don't be narrow minded

Since joining The Juice Academy a few months ago, many people have asked me the same question: “Isn’t doing social media for an accountancy company boring?” People instantly think that working for an accountancy company is dull. This certainly is not the case. I’m fortunate enough to be the first Juice Academy apprentice to work for an accountancy firm, Kay Johnson Gee (KJG). The team at Juice is always very interested when I tell them what I do at my workplace which is very motivating. I certainly arrived at KJG at the right time as they had just rebranded the company and moved to a brand new office. This gave me the opportunity to use social media to help market the company’s new and impro

A-Levels – Eve Young’s story

At my high school, we were told that any A-Level grade below a B wouldn’t get you into university, which of course isn’t the case, and coming from a school that put so much pressure on their students tricked me into thinking that university was the only route worth taking. Because of this, A-Level results day was one of the most stressful days of my life. I got grades that I was happy with and I went to university, but after a horrible first year I quickly learned it wasn’t for me at all - I honestly couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. I felt like I’d be the odd one out or be looked down upon if I was the only one out of my friends to not gain a degree, but after being at The Juice Aca

Are A-Levels really the only boarding pass to success?

Thursday 18th August 2016, a normal day for some, but for second year college students, today is make-or-break day. For many, A-Levels are the first class ticket to university. On the other hand, some students have sat their exams with no idea what they want to ‘be when they grow up’, therefore there’s no direction for them post-college. Of course, not every student will walk away thrilled, some people don’t pass. Because of this, students are rejected from their chosen uni placement and think; “This is it.” But is it? The majority of our Juice Academy social media apprentices have completed A-Levels with no desire to go to uni, hence their choice to become an apprentice. Take a look at th

Our Biggest-Ever Cohort Graduates!

On Tuesday 9th August, we saw our biggest-ever Cohort (Cohort 9) of apprentices fly the nest and become Juice Academy graduates! Hosted at JW Lees’ Rain Bar, the space was filled with proud employers, parents, grandparents, partners and of course, our lovely group of qualified social media marketers! In full graduation attire, the ceremony was opened with a welcome from Tangerine and Juice Academy Chair, Sandy Lindsay MBE, recalling key achievements and progress made by the Academy attendees over the past year, complete with Juice Academy certificates! Stefan Price, who completed his social media apprenticeship with Ph. Creative in Liverpool and was selected by the group as Class Representa

How to use social media for inspiration

It's safe to say we're constantly surrounded by so many sources of inspiration, but social media has to be the one I’m a little obsessed with...I can’t be the only one! Social media channels like Twitter and Instagram are a super quick, efficient and easy way to get little bursts of inspiration for a diverse range of topics. Not only are they accessible, most of the time it’s free too. Whether you want to cook a quick dinner for one or a three tier red velvet cake with vanilla frosting (my personal fave), Pinterest is perfect for discovering interesting recipes you’d never thought of attempting before. Even if you’ve created something incredible but are lacking inspiration for the decoration


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