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The Juice Academy - Don't be narrow minded

Since joining The Juice Academy a few months ago, many people have asked me the same question: “Isn’t doing social media for an accountancy company boring?” People instantly think that working for an accountancy company is dull. This certainly is not the case.

I’m fortunate enough to be the first Juice Academy apprentice to work for an accountancy firm, Kay Johnson Gee (KJG). The team at Juice is always very interested when I tell them what I do at my workplace which is very motivating.

I certainly arrived at KJG at the right time as they had just rebranded the company and moved to a brand new office. This gave me the opportunity to use social media to help market the company’s new and improved branding, whilst also gaining new knowledge on various different pieces of software!I’ve already learnt so much and gained so much knowledge about the corporate world and how social media is used to market a business.

Having control over the company’s social media channels has given me a lot of responsibility and is teaching me how to use them appropriately and professionally. Carrying out the course with The Juice Academy, alongside working for KJG is really beneficial as it is helping me complete the course to a high standard as a lot of the course is heavily linked to my everyday working life.

There’s such a variety of different tasks to do and each day is different. I use social networking tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite, social media platforms like Twitter, Excel spreadsheets – and many more. All of which I use in my course at The Juice Academy.

I definitely think anyone who is thinking about applying for The Juice Academy should be open minded when it comes to the environment they work in and shouldn’t make any direct decisions on their ‘favourite company’, because it may not turn out to be the best choice.

I went into The Juice Academy Boot Camp with an open mind and ended up with best possible outcome to help me achieve and have a successful career path!

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