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How to use social media for inspiration

It's safe to say we're constantly surrounded by so many sources of inspiration, but social media has to be the one I’m a little obsessed with...I can’t be the only one!

Social media channels like Twitter and Instagram are a super quick, efficient and easy way to get little bursts of inspiration for a diverse range of topics. Not only are they accessible, most of the time it’s free too.

Whether you want to cook a quick dinner for one or a three tier red velvet cake with vanilla frosting (my personal fave), Pinterest is perfect for discovering interesting recipes you’d never thought of attempting before. Even if you’ve created something incredible but are lacking inspiration for the decoration or the finishing touches, just pop your key word in and scroll until you’ve found something to help you. Pinterest is also great as you can create boards with specific headings, so all your inspiration pins are nice and organised.

We’ve all heard about the incredible success ‘YouTubers’ are having and because of this, there is now an insane amount of YouTube channels. From step-by-step makeup tutorials by professional makeup artists to daily travel vloggers who experience the most breathtaking adventures, there’s a video to inspire literally everyone. Trust me, once you’ve watched one good YouTube video, you’ll be hooked!

Intrigued and want to read people’s opinions on world events or simply just curious about how your favourite sports star trains? Whatever it may be, Twitter is a great way to extract inspiration from all kinds of people. There are even specific accounts that tailor their content to be motivational, in fact there are daily trending hashtags like #MondayMotivation where you can sit and scroll through millions of inspirational tweets.

If like me, every time you go onto Facebook, it’s jam-packed with thousands of Vines and short videos, then this one will be super easy for you! Watching the short clips (that probably took someone hours to do!) is so good for inspiration, as you can start to pick out certain aspects you like in each video, or even the style they used and apply it to whatever you want. You can also ‘Like’ certain people’s pages, so you won’t miss one of their hilarious posts in the future.

Instagram, where do I even start! Like YouTube there is an account for pretty much everyone’s interest but this time it’s full of inspirational images and short clips. I personally love using Instagram for fashion ideas. Simply scroll until you source inspiration... I commonly come across a new pair of shoes I NEED and either take mental note or screenshot it, just in case I want to visit it later on and am too lazy to go back and find it again.

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