Welcome Cohort 19!

January brought yet another hugely successful Boot Camp selection day for The Juice Academy, with a turnout of more than 50 amazing candidates and nearing 20 leading North West employers - including the likes of In The Style UK, UNILAD, Salford City Council and Tangerine Communications. After what was a hugely busy day (to say the least), The Academy took another step towards filling the digital skills gap, placing more 'bright young things' in exciting digital marketing roles with fantastic businesses, bringing our total since launch to more than 250! So, with the warmest of welcomes, we'd like you to meet our new apprentice recruits. Jenny Hirst, UNILAD Describe yourself with an emoji... I

Social Media Agency of the Year: Kremlin PR

Not to make grandiose statements at 11am on a Tuesday, but: political divide arguably keeps the world ticking over - the necessary narrative of “us vs. them” is what keeps politicians in power and us tweeting. It is too true that with the dawning of a new political blunder, Twitter outrage comes piling in with serious tweet-per-minute figures. In the blooper-reel that is this world, global brands have many opportunities to capitalise on the politics of the day and their increasingly liberal audiences by rejecting politicians’ divisive narratives, instead encouraging unity. Take Skittles for example, who in Pride month last June ditched their iconic rainbow, to show that “only one rainbow mat

What to Expect From an Assessment Centre

If you have made it to the assessment centre phase of the process, this is a good sign. It shows the employing company clearly sees potential in your abilities and wants to see how you act in a professional environment. Employers find assessment centres to be a great tool, since they are a cheaper and more convenient method of interviewing a large quantity of candidates at once. Don’t fear though, assessment centres hold big advantages for applicants too; you have a chance to show off your skillset and demonstrate how well you work with others. So if you are wondering what to expect from the day, read on for StudentJob’s top tips for success… Group exercises Despite the other candidates bein

How the use of Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the World of Digital Marketing

How intelligent is Artificial Intelligence? Would you trust a Chat Bot to manage your brand’s customer service? Some think the automated system will relieve pressure on overburdened customer service teams, while others think that Bots just don’t have the empathy of their human counterparts to do the job effectively. It’s true the AI is advancing at warp speed, last year Google’s DeepMind computer famously learned to play the ancient Chinese board game of “Go” to a superhuman level, beating the world expert. Algorithms are smarter and faster than the human mind, but they are based and built on numbers. That enables them to solve hugely complex mathematical or strategic problems in fractions o

From the pub to the Powerhouse: How my Apprenticeship and The Juice Academy Changed my Year.

12:01am 1st January 2017. I’m stood behind the bar of the local pub, sipping a gin and tonic, as I’m allowed a two minute break. Everybody else is kissing, toasting and falling over around me. The realisation hitting me, that it's coming up to my second year since graduating from university. And my second year working in a pub. I decided that 2017 had to be the year I got my drive and grit back. To quote Pink Floyd, I had become ‘Comfortably Numb’ with my bar job and routine. It was so far from where I was whilst at university. I was somebody who would always look for placements and internships. My weekends and holidays were spent with production companies. I always understood that I wouldn’

A Light at the end of the Tunnel

What’s the first thought that comes into everyone's mind after Sixth Form or College? University. Being the average 18 year old, I applied to Universities and got a place to study Sociology. Usually, finding out you got into Uni should be one of the happiest moments of your life, but I didn’t get that feeling. My friends were all ecstatic about getting in, but I just couldn’t share their joy. They knew Uni was the place for them, but I had no one to talk to about my feelings. Apart from my dad. He knew I didn’t want to go and study for 3 years when I didn’t know what future I wanted for myself. At the time, he was unemployed and was in the same mindset as me; he didn’t want a job nor did I w


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