Welcome Cohort 19!

January brought yet another hugely successful Boot Camp selection day for The Juice Academy, with a turnout of more than 50 amazing candidates and nearing 20 leading North West employers - including the likes of In The Style UK, UNILAD, Salford City Council and Tangerine Communications.

After what was a hugely busy day (to say the least), The Academy took another step towards filling the digital skills gap, placing more 'bright young things' in exciting digital marketing roles with fantastic businesses, bringing our total since launch to more than 250!

So, with the warmest of welcomes, we'd like you to meet our new apprentice recruits.

Jenny Hirst, UNILAD

Describe yourself with an emoji...

I would say the thumbs up emoji. As well as being my most frequently used emoji it is simple and straight forward but in a positive way which I think hugely correlates to my personality.

Alex Weston, Morgan Branding

Describe yourself in a tweet...

I'm Alex! Creative, hard working and forward thinking, I am excited to learn new things, and passionate about traveling, taking pictures and communicating with new people. I will always get things done to my best ability in the time set.

Cameron Leek, Social Chain

What is it that you love about social media?

One thing I love about social media is showing others what you enjoy and in my case that’s posting memes which is something I really enjoy, also seeing what people put in the comments is really nice because I like to hear what they have to say about what I’m posting.

Chloe Baulcombe, In The Style UK

Describe yourself with an emoji...

As boring as it may be, I love to smile! So much happiness can be given through a smile so I try to smile as much as possible!

Danny Cox, Salford City Council

What is it that you love about social media?

Its ability to connect so many different people from so many different backgrounds. How it gives those who normally go unheard such a powerful voice and how it acts as a platform for virtually anything.

Dominic Boardman, Circle Loop

Describe yourself with an emoji...

I'm always looking towards the future, the next day, the next week, looking to take on the next challenge and opportunity that lies ahead.

James Higgins, Bruntwood

Which recent campaign do you admire and why?

There is a new campaign for a golf company called Taylormade, in which they show the pro's looking at the new product that is about to come out. The product is blurred to the viewers but you can see the amazement on the pro's faces. It's gripping because you want to know more and find out what they are actually amazed by.

Jennie Hale, Dugout