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Why 17% of the Population is Anti-#SMW13

However, as social media was pitched to the world to be the key marketing tool for any business, I couldn’t help but wonder whether anyone paid any attention to the fact that, as new figures show – Social Media might actually be perceived as a bad thing…

Business2Community found the most common vice people want to give up over Lent is technology, more specifically, social media. At 17% it is perceived as a worse habit than either chocolate or cigarettes! So is social media actually a bad habit that we need to give up?

The answer, of course, is no. Like anything, social media just needs to be used in moderation. Much like chocolate, a bit of self-discipline and control can go a very long way. Remember that while there is a computer screen, there is also a world out there.

However, if your love of chocolate is so great that you were only using social media as an excuse to carry on eating it (we tried it too), may we suggest simply giving up some of these tiresome annoying habits:

‘RETWEET/SHARE OR DIE’ messages. Nobody ever dies. Give it up

Memes. We know they’re hilariously addictive, but there is such a thing as overkill

Updates of major events. If it’s that important, we’re already watching it. Do we need to mention film and TV spoilers too? NOT COOL! For the record

Public conversations. Yes we liked your photo; no we did not want twenty million notifications about you catching up with an old school friend over it. Learn when to take it to message

‘If I get one million likes I’ll name my big toe George’ photos and groups. They’re not big and they’re not clever, nobody likes them, so just stop

Instagram-ing your food. Try eating it for once?

Constant Foursquare check-ins. Nobody wants to know you’re at your local supermarket contemplating a tuna or cheese sandwich for lunch. Save it for somewhere impressive, and then it’s at least worth an actual comment or tweet?

Bad jokes. You might not think they’re bad, but if every post or tweet is a joke, they probably are

#Extralongformulatedhashtagsaboutwhatyouarethinking. It takes us ages to separate those words!

For those of you who have chosen to give up the whole sha-bam, here’s a free profile picture from us at Juice that also informs your online friends of your actions, and good luck with your mission!

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