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Apprenticeships FTW!

“Mum, I’ve declined all of my offers from Universities”…

These were the words I said to her when I returned from college one day in June. I’d spent the day on UCAS deciding whether to go Chester or Manchester when, actually, I knew that I didn’t want to go to either.

Sitting in a classroom studying the history of English Language – ‘The word Baguette has French origins’ – wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, I am currently sat in a professional ‘online’ office sipping from my blue cup with many intelligent personnel around me: Head of Digital Marketing, Managing Director, Commercial Director etc and, Mr Fred (owner of Betfred) himself, is sitting upstairs.

He kindly came to meet me on my first day; he’s an absolutely down-to-earth guy and was only interested about who I am and what I have done. He shook my hand and explained that ‘young people are the future’ and smiled – no biggy ;)

Anyway, in response to my declarative statement, my Mum wore a worried face as if there were no other way to succeed in life than to go to Uni.

The idea of gaining real-life working experience with endless prospects was what I wanted, so I took to searching the National Apprenticeships website daily… and that’s where I found The Juice Academy!

When I returned home from my first day at work, my mum said: “Awww look at my boy all grown up!”

This was a very proud moment and also very embarrassing (as you can imagine). She is now all for apprenticeships and their service just like many other people are becoming.

I love what I do. People should love what they do, with a degree or not!

Be right back, just constructing a tweet for Totepool…

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