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Boot Camp: Advice From Those Who've Been There, Done That

If you’re joining us at our 'Boot Camp' selection process and wondering what to expect, our employers and tutors have given us an insight into what they’re looking for, plus we’ve got plenty of advice from those who’ve been there and done that – they make up our first apprentice cohort.

“Be confident about yourself and let your best characteristics shine.

“Be enthusiastic – this is a great opportunity. You’ll no doubt have endless more opportunities in the future, but you must make the most of each one.”

Jonathan Lloyd, Head of Marketing at JW Lees

“Get to know the employers by name and keep talking to them – don’t let them forget you!

“Ask questions and don’t be shy. Be seen to be interested.”

Martin Kevill, Digital Strategist at Tangerine PR

“Try and understand the business context that employers will be looking to engage you for (i.e. try and know more about social than just what you and your mates do on it).

“Smile and be approachable. Nervousness is absolutely fine but show you’re willing to engage with your potential future colleagues!”

Rick Guttridge, Founder/MD of Smoking Gun PR

“Do your research – look at ALL the companies as you never know which one might appeal.

“Smile – it’ll make you stand out far more than being all shouty!”

Sandy Lindsay, Group MD at Tangerine PR

“Employers are looking for enthusiasm as much as anything, so make sure you put that into the group activities as much as possible.

“Although the day is quite relaxed, you're still there to get a job so be professional.”

Jamie Boulger, Bruntwood

“Always be prepared – do your research and be able to ask intelligent questions to potential employers.

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself, because potential employers want to see what you’re passionate about and what kind of person you are.”

Anna Wilson, Tangerine PR’s Head of Integrated and Digital Strategy

“Dress sensibly and think long term.”

Warren Jacobs, MD at ActiveWin

“Demonstrate your knowledge and passion for social media. If you have a blog, website or high following on Twitter, let the judges know about it.

“Be confident and positive. Show how much you want this.”

Lucy Adams, The Juice Academy’s Project Co-ordinator

“Don't be shy, get out of your comfort zone, listen to other people/don't talk over anyone and introduce yourself to as many people as possible.”

Joe Seabridge, apprentice

“Don't sit back and let everybody else do the work – get involved. If you have a good idea, let it be heard!

“Be confident but very polite, as you could be speaking to your future employer!”

Rob Watts, apprentice at PH Creative

“Be yourself; honesty is the best policy!”

Jordan Rudge, apprentice at BetFred

“Come to boot camp with proof that you are social media savvy and have a strong online presence – documents are a lot stronger than words.”

Dan Weller, apprentice at Tangerine PR

“Be confident and really sell yourself. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to tell people what you’ve done and what you're good at – remember you're there for yourself!

“Show passion and enthusiasm, prove to employers that you're a potential asset to their company.”

Carly Phillips, apprentice at Bruntwood

“Be confident in whatever you do and use your initiative. Don’t hold back, sometimes you’ve just got to do it. Be positive, be enthusiastic and it will go a long way.

“Everything you do is being observed and when I say everything I mean everything, so be aware, impress and be yourself.”

Alex Morton, apprentice at JW Lees

“Show off your skills as much as possible! Your main talents are important, but make sure you get some personality on show.”

Liam Weaver, apprentice at Adam Recruitment

“There's no time to be shy – you know you've got what it takes because you made it this far, so prove to them you were picked for a reason.

“Be a sponge. How often do you get to spend the day with a group of likeminded strangers and industry insiders? These are potential contacts, friends and employers – ask questions and introduce yourself, you never know where the relationships you form are going to lead.”

Samantha Hutchinson, apprentice at Smoking Gun PR

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