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At 'One' with My Apprenticeship

It’s nearly three months since I started at One with my social media apprenticeship and I have to say, it has been amazing.

Before One, I was studying A-levels at Sir John Deane’s College but it just wasn’t for me. I lacked direction and found myself spending more time commuting rather than learning. Being granted the position of social media apprenticeship finally gave me the opportunity to push myself and here I am!

One and The Juice Academy support me every step of the way, but most importantly, they challenge me to become as successful as possible in this highly competitive industry.

On a day to day basis, I look at daily trends and look for news or information that is relevant for our activity, monitor social media platforms and I am even getting involved with organising PR opportunities for clients. It’s great keeping up-to-date with general news and trends and getting the office debating about reactive content.

I have made some amazing friends and I have had some amazing opportunities with clients. I never would have dreamed that I had found my dream career at such a young age.

It’s fair to say I’ve loved my apprenticeship so far, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the scheme has to bring.

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