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Moyes – the memories and the memes

Although I couldn’t possibly ever call myself a football fan, if I had to support a team it would be Manchester United. My granddad supported United right from being a little nipper, and he proudly went to every match.

The public outcry for Moyes’ dismissal is something that he would’ve been fully behind, and by behind, I mean at the front of the crowds, baying for blood. A serious football fan.

I personally like to take the back seat when it comes to football. I’ll watch the commentary on Twitter when there’s a match on and keep an eye out for anything Ronaldo related, because he’s a God (in my opinion he shouldn’t be playing football, he should be up on Mount Olympus with the rest of the Gods).

But anyway, back to Moyes.

I genuinely feel sorry for the man. He (bravely) took on a role that had HUGE football boots to fill, and he tried his best.

I remember a few months back, I was sitting in the Lowry Hotel bar when Moyes and his entourage strolled past – it was the day before a big game and he was sitting there with a look of pure fear on his face while the rest of the group enjoyed themselves.

So when the news of his sacking came out on social media, the fastest way to get the word out these days, I really felt for the guy. I instantly thought back to the shell of a man I saw drinking a glass of wine, engulfed by a huge chair. I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming, I just didn’t think it would be so soon. Give the man a chance!

What’s possibly even sadder, my sympathy for Moyes didn’t last too long (a couple of hours perhaps) because the very second the viral images hit my news feed, I found myself laughing at him, rather than crying for him.

I guess if he finds himself feeling a little down, he could look at his £5 million pay-out and think about the £7 million he earned in 10 months at United. I’m sure he might feel a little richer, if not better. And maybe one day, he’ll find a Manchester United mouse mat of his own.

Enjoy this list of things Moyes can’t buy and a compilation of my favourite Moyes Memes.

Here are five things £5 million can’t buy Moyes:

A time machine

The respect of United fans

A web-wide ban on viral images of himself

A Premier League trophy

His old job

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