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Meet our 21st Cohort!

Having just completed our July Boot Camp with 22 employers and 54 candidates it’s safe to say that it was a huge success! We had some of the top companies in their fields on the lookout for a new Digital Marketing Apprentice, including: Manchester Airport, Scruff of the Neck, Northern Power Women and Social Chain.

Despite there being a few tired faces the next day, we are thrilled to announce that we have created 21 jobs in our 21st Cohort… Something poetic about that, right?

So, without further ado, here they are! Come and get to know them:

Adam Scotson, Nicohit

Describe yourself with an emoji…

😂 - “I am a light-hearted person, that knows what interests me and makes me laugh!”

Alice Venard, Savills

🌝 - “The moon is an adaptable and fun emoji which can apply itself to many different situations depending on when it’s needed like me.”

Ambrose Phetoe, Scruff of the Neck

Describe yourself in a tweet… “Organised Chaos”

Amelia Camilleri, GG Hospitality

Describe yourself with an emoji…

😂 - “The laughing emoji because I’m always happy and laughing, and it is my top used emoji on my phone!”

Casey Hilton, Smoking Gun PR

Describe yourself with an emoji…

👨‍👩‍👧💪😂 - “My family means the world to me, the strength emoji because I have great strengths and can also turn my weaknesses into strengths and lastly the laughing emoji because I know when it’s time to have fun and have a laugh with friends and co-workers.”

Chloe Ashcroft, Access Creative College

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🦄 - “This emoji applies to my personality because I think that the unicorn is a bit different and out of the box, which represents me and the way I think.”

Christian Potter, Northern Power Women

Describe yourself in a tweet… “Filmmaker from Manchester who’s confident, outgoing and bubbly if you give me any type of dairy products.”

Courtney Pilling, Philadelphia Scientific

Describe yourself with a tweet… “I love everything creative; music, art and media. It’s a big part of my life and I am thankful that creativity exists.”

Curtis Standley, Purple Wifi

Describe yourself with an emoji…

😃 - “I believe this because I am always happy when doing things, I enjoy and meeting new people. The fact it has big eyes represents my look towards the future and always looking for an opportunity to improve or learn.”

Drew Johnson, Dining Club Group (TasteCard)

Describe yourself with a tweet… “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” - My Grandma’s wise words that have always stayed with me.”

Ellie Henderson, Mustard Media

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🤩 - “I would best describe my personality with the star-eyed emoji as I’m always positive and happy as well as ambitious and hardworking.”

Gabrielle Jones, Absolute Media

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🐶 - “A dog is one of the most loyal animals in the world and is both trustworthy and reliable. Although, they are usually fast learners, they persevere if something is challenging which is also one of my best qualities.”

Georgia Hopkins, Nicohit

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🐛 - “A caterpillar because I am wise but also hungry for knowledge and experience to help me transform into a butterfly.”

Jennifer Byrne, Platform81

Describe yourself in a tweet… “A tweet about me and not my dog? There’s a first time for everything! I’m head and shoulders above the rest #Literally #TallAndTalented.”

Jess Dook, Timpson

🤗 - “This emoji best describes me because I am always laughing and smiling but also very easy-going and motivated.”

Kate Noble, Dr Kershaw's Hospice

Describe yourself in a tweet… “It’s 3am, I have to be up at 7am, yet here I am flicking through the same 4 apps, googling if penguins have belly buttons and debating if I need an avocado cutting gadget I saw on Instagram.”

Lauren Jennings, The Link App

Describe yourself in a tweet… “Filmmaker and content creator based in Manchester, with an interest in bringing ideas that challenge the way we think to visual activity.”

Mason Hughes, Social Chain

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🏄‍♂️ - “I don’t surf but this emoji is the coolest in my opinion. It reflects how I’m very chilled, go with the flow, but have control over the situation and a tunnel vision on what I’m trying to achieve.”

Molly Barrett, Jigtalk

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🌸 - “The cherry blossom emoji. Aside from friends telling me the colour pink Is an integral part of my identity, I always use it to represent my creativity.”

Oscar Smith, Manchester Airport Group

Describe yourself with an emoji…

😎 - “The sunglasses emoji, because I have a cool, calm and collected persona. However, the shades also represent a more abstract side of my personality that is often overlooked.”

William Adamson, Pareto Law

Describe yourself in a tweet… “Hopefully funnier in real life than in 140 characters.”

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