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Welcome Cohort 28

2020 has definitely thrown its challenges our way, but that hasn’t stopped us from creating even more job opportunities for apprentices within the digital marketing and creative sector across the North West. Unlike the previous applicants, Cohort 28 did not attend a Boot Camp, instead they went through a digital application process and sending a video CV that a wide range of employers could view. With around four times more applications than usual, the competition has never been so high to win a spot on the Juice programme. So, well done to the successful applicants of Cohort 28 … aka Covid Cohort!

We would like you to meet our new apprentices!

Abbie-Lea Geraghty

What Emoji best describes you?

The detective emoji- I love being set tasks which allow me to knuckle down, think outside the box and use my problem-solving skills. And who doesn’t love the idea of working alongside Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes!

Abigail Birch

Describe yourself in a tweet

A social media addict ready to apply my skills into a new career path. Whatever life throws at me I am ready and #eagertolearn

Alex Knowlson

What emoji best describes you?

My emoji would be 😓- (sweat) as I always try to work my hardest and put 100% effort into my work.

Amelia Marshall

Describe yourself in a tweet

A multi-talented and deeply committed content creator, with a work ethic that borders on passion

Conor Trask

What emoji best describes you?

Two hands grasping would sum me up. It shows strength and union.

Ellen Doherty-Fitzgerald

Describe yourself in a tweet

Kind of like Sriracha - punchy and with a kick that makes you want to go back for more.

Hannah Bailey

What emoji best describes you?

The smiley face emoji best describes my personality, I'd like to think I am motivated, a team player, happy and friendly.

Hannah Blundell

Describe yourself in a tweet

Social media savvy, communication guru and an all-round funny, creative person with a real obsession for organisation and attention to detail #Getjobsdone #workhard

Jade Warne

What emoji best describes you?

I'd probably be the dancing lady in the red dress. Simply because my favourite form of self-care is having a nice dance to my favourite songs and generally just being there to make sure everyone's having a good time, that's what the emoji means to me anyway!

Lauren Jones

Describe yourself in a tweet

'Enthusiastic creative, dog botherer, Vine Veteran and full-time pop punk princess'

Maisie Kapur

What emoji best describes you?

My emoji is 😆 because when faced with a challenge I will over-come it calmly. I always have a good time.

Marco Tadete

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji that best describes my personality is the laughing emoji with tears, as I am always cracking jokes and laughing. I have been told that I have various laughs which just further emphasises my choice in this emoji.

Megan Preece

Describe yourself in a Tweet

A creative and driven redhead, a singing aficionado and overall music geek with a passion for all things music and media related.

Remshah Asif

What emoji best describes you?

I think the female dancing in the red dress best describes my personalty. We share a liveliness and brightness that encourages fun. There is also an air of professionalism that she carries being a dancer which is a strength. Ultimately, the emoji is all about having a good time and its iconic red dress gives it flare of creativity and glamour.

Sam Doherty

What emoji best describes?

The glasses smiling emoji. I wear contact lenses, so I wear my glasses to give my eyes a rest, and when I'm doing work on a screen like designing graphics. It also looks nerdy a bit like me, because a few of my friends get freaked out by some of the knowledge I have on things.

Sam Everall

Describe yourself in a tweet

Punctual, confident and obsessed are the three words which best describe me. Punctual being something very important to me proved by the fact I was never late all the way through school and college. I take pride in everything I do and always believe I can reach the top and become obsessed to do so.

Shannon Clarke

The peace sign. Its connotations are endless. At first glance it would suggest I'm a hippy type, which would be correct. But as you delve deeper into the social meaning given to the peace sign, you realise it's as versatile as the smiley face. It could mean you're having a rough day but want to make a joke about it, or that you're done talking to someone. It's as much a greeting, and it is a goodbye. It can be used positively and negatively and there's a certain beauty in that, much like people. It's never one singular thing, depending on context. I like to think I'm a lot like that.

Sophie Needham

Describe yourself in a tweet

I am creative, confident and easy going. If I want to do something-I'll get it done. I have a crazy sense of humour and love cat memes a bit too much, but when it comes to serious topics - I'm never afraid to speak my mind

Cohort 28 have all started the course remotely on Zoom and have never met each other face-to-face, but we are looking forward to when we all can properly meet in the Academy.

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