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Day In The Life of a Social Media Apprentice working in a marketing and PR Agency

If you’re someone who’s thinking of going down the apprenticeship route for marketing/social media/content creation, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to share what my typical day looks like working as a Junior Content Producer for Tempt, a PR & marketing agency, also specialising in events, social media and brand. Check it out


The title of my apprenticeship is of course “Junior content producer” but my role at my workplace involves so much more from managing social media accounts, working with influencers when it comes to PR, and supporting with fun event launches and new offers. There, I am going to say the typical “no day is the same” but it’s true! I enjoy the variety of tasks, opportunities and fun that comes with this role. And I will not forget to mention, there are often fun events that I can be a part of, whether it’s from my employer or from The Juice Academy themselves, also giving a boost of experience and development for my career.


Every single morning without fail, I must have my cup of coffee before I start getting ready for work to feel awake and ready for the day. The first thing I usually do whilst I drink my coffee is read tweets like it’s my morning newspaper! Along with this, I give TikTok a quick scroll as I feel like these platforms are both fun and essential to know what’s going on in the world and to also keep up with the latest trends. I then leave the house to begin my commute to work which can be tiring because of the 1 hour journey early in the morning. However this is why it is great that my team has a hybrid schedule to give a better work-life balance. WHAT I DO WHEN I GET TO THE OFFICE I usually arrive at the office about 10 minutes before my start time where I can comfortably sit down, say hi to the team and get myself started for the day without any rush. To begin, I grab myself a glass of water and then go through my emails, client inboxes and note down my tasks for the day before our team meeting. Together, we discuss what is going ahead for the week and any upcoming exciting projects. For example, many of our projects include launch events or new offers, where for these I usually look for and contact appropriate influencers to invite for social coverage and brand awareness. After a team meeting, I catch up with my colleague, Holly, where she supports me on spreading out other tasks for the week where it typically includes creating and scheduling weekly social content.


I mostly go to town for lunch as there’s pretty much every option for food in the city centre or I get myself lunch from home if I’m feeling creative! Then depending on what day it is, after lunch time I might have a call with my development coach to discuss any crucial information about my apprenticeship or a catch-up meeting with my manager, Beccy, to check if I am okay with the tasks I have been given for the week or if I have any questions. Before I finish for the day, I make sure I have my most important tasks boxed off or I look through content schedules to ensure everything is up to date.


What I like the most about my job is being able to freely be creative with my ideas, without having to worry. By this I mean my team is always open to new, fun ideas that are relevant to the brand personality and our clients. What I enjoy the most at work is when I have the opportunity to create fun videos whether it’s for our agency or for clients. Some of these may include a funny team video or showcasing food and drinks for a bar client. My team is always supportive and encouraging towards my growth at work which is very important for my apprenticeship journey and career development overall.

Fakhrun Nahar, Cohort 34 apprentice at Tempt Marketing


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