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The impact of holidays on your wellbeing

We all used to love the constant long, school holidays … what’s not to love about an 8-week summer. With this being said when coming to an apprenticeship a touch of reality hits when these set holidays are no longer given and not as much time off, also with the influence of seeing your friends at university continuing that lifestyle.


Work provides you with a set amount of time off so all I am going to say is make use of this. Whether this may be a UK staycation during the bank holiday weekend or a 2 weeklong relaxation in the sun, it is important that we take the time to set away from our desks to relax and reset every once in a while.


A lot of people become more reluctant to taking a break from work due to the pressure of the workload when their back or feeling guilty for leaving their team with some extra work. However, to become more productive at work it is vital to take a break due to your body becoming routine to the lifestyle. When your body becomes routine it often leads to keeping set ways of doing tasks etc but if a break is to be taken and a routine be broken it allows new methods to be tested which could lead to better quality or more time beneficial methods which could improve overall productivity in the workplace.


In addition to this, studies also show a rise of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is where the symptoms of depression are thought to be linked to less exposure to sunlight. We all know that the UK is prone for not having much sunshine even in the summer months and this can start influencing peoples mental and physical health. Due to the natural climate of the UK it is important to take breaks from work even if you’re not going aboard to ensure that we can focus on our health in other ways such as a spa day or even something as simple as catching up on sleep on the weekend.


So, before your holiday days go to waste, treat yourself to some time off and get booking.

Ella Jones, Cohort 41, Social Media Content Creator at McCann


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