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Welcome Cohort 30

As we entered a new year, it was time to introduce a new cohort to The Juice Academy. We sifted through a pool of talented candidates, who all provided digital applications and a video CV. After a tough application process, we are now delighted to welcome and introduce to you Cohort 30!

Meet them below!

Elle West

What emoji best describes you?

'I feel that the paint pallet emoji describes my personality the most. The image best summaries my creative skills. For example, it’s like the emoji gives me the ability to use different colours, a blank canvas to create a picture or a story'

Victoria Clarke

Describe yourself in a Tweet

'Hard working creative ready for the challenge. Enjoys long walk, primarily to take photos and post them later. Can teach you how to play Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on guitar'

Yasmin Horgan

What emoji best describes you?

Lightning bolt - serious when it needs to be but something beautiful, fun and fascinating to watch. It also lights up the darkest skies.

Kit Newens

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Hey I'm Kit. I'm 24 and queer. I love to make art and I use whatever medium inspires me but I have a passion for pixel art. I also love making stories weather through the podcast I'm writing or my D&D campaign."

Romana Atcha

Describe yourself in a Tweet

A photography enthusiast! First Class Degree Graduate. I spend a-lot of time working on images within my home studio. During my spare time I enjoy going to the gym to weight train as well as attending dance classes. As you can see I like to stay busy busy busy!

Jacob Jones

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji that best describes me is the increasing graph emoji. This is because I am always looking to grow in areas that need improving to make sure I have a solid understanding and optimise myself in as many different situations as possible. Inspiration makes me want to drive more towards my goals.

Daniel Leach

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Love learning new skills and collaborating! Aspiring to make social media magic.

Fergus Gray

What emoji best describes you?

I am constantly changing which emoji I use, however with the current climate of uncertainty I find myself using the "Dizzy" Emoji a lot. I feel I am using this emoji as it gives off a positive vibe whenever I send a message. For this reason, I would have to say at this moment in time it's probably the best emoji to describe my personality.

Ruqayya Hussain

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji I feel best describes me is the one with the tongue sticking out and the googly eyes, I can be goofy at times by lightening up the mood when things get tense.


Ria Matthews

Describe Yourself in a Tweet

Bristolian eco warrior living in MCR with a passion for photography, design, fashion and a penchant for the unusual. #bethechange

Joel Thornes

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji that best describes who I am as a person and how I perform not only at work but with others, is the smiley face. The reason behind this is, that not only you but others are happy and perform better when surrounded by people who give off positive and hardworking vibes. This is key in gaining high working production value, individually and as team members.

Alex Berry

Describe Yourself in a Tweet

*Sparky, Original and Northern. all about coffee and pineapples

Abigail Smith

What emoji best describes you?

I resonate with the dog emoji. I am a positive, outgoing and loyal (and also I love dogs!).

Nadia Modla

Describe yourself in a Tweet

A visual media enthusiast who focuses on what she's there to achieve; innovate and curate. If you don't voice your ideas, you'll never know what could've been.

Cohort 30 have all started the course remotely on Zoom and have never met each other face-to-face, but we are looking forward to when we can all properly meet in the academy.


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