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Welcome Cohort 37

September was a busy month for us here at The Juice Academy. Lots of planning and preparation went ahead for the 'Boot Camp' recruitment day and it was all worth it to see the happy faces of those who received job offers at the end of the day.

A massive well done to everyone who attended Boot Camp, it was an intense and fun-filled day of interactive activities, talks from graduates and interviews with the employers. Everyone did incredibly well and we are so pleased to welcome our last Cohort of 2022 into the Academy.

Time to introduce you to.... Cohort 37!

Joseph Barton

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Film and Media is my thing

Watching, producing and editing

Working with logic and patience,

Creative with a social conscience

I'm Joey Barton - straight out of a unique carton!

Sophie Mullings

What emoji best describes you and why?

🕵️ The emoji that best describes me would be the investigator with the magnifying glass as I enjoy a challenge and learning new information!

Niamh Walsh

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"A wandering soul trying to make a little difference in this world. Determined to break through the white noise to find voices waiting to be heard…. I hear you."

Kofi Landon

What emoji best describes you and why?

😅 The grinning face with sweat emoji describes me best because I'm the type of person who sometimes can be a bit reluctant to try something new, because of the fear of getting it wrong. After stepping out of my comfort zone I always look back and think why did I even worry, resulting in me feeling a little embarrassed, this has taught me to be more open to new things and challenge myself.

Jack Byrne

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Enthusiastic, bubbly and a workaholic. What more could you want..."

Katerina Hough

What emoji best describes you and why?

📷 I think I would be the camera emoji because it not only resonates with my interest in cinema but also because I believe the functions of a camera are very important. The act of analysing your pictures/ film represents the value of reflection, and the act of taking pictures represents the value of patience and attention to detail to ensure your camera is in focus and your subject well balanced. I think that I encompass these morals in my character.

Nathan Downes

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Aspiring digital marketer based in Manchester, experienced with Microsoft Office, Canva and WordPress. I have creative flair and I am IT proficient. I am a hard worker who relishes a challenge and gets on well with all types of people."

Theo Aarons

What emoji best describes you and why?

🪆 I am the Russian doll emoji as I have different layers of skills that come together to form one being.

Bethan Evans

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Love Island style:

Hiya everyone, I'm Bethan Evans.

"In 3 words I would describe myself as dedicated, bubbly and passionate. My type on paper is 100% the digital marketing apprenticeship, we would be a great match and I can't wait to go into the villa and step on everyone toes until I achieve what I want. #newbombshell #advertising #headswillbuy"

Dominic Brooke

What emoji best describes you and why?

🐈 A cat emoji would describe me the best. I am delicate, and fierce. I can be independent, or work in a team. In online communities I am apart of, most can identify me from my cat emoji’s I use, with a distinct cat profile picture people can recognise. I give attention to detail and can get my head down to finish a task.

Harriet Green

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"POV: You're going to live your Emily In Paris life in a new city, Manchester"

"I am outgoing and strong minded, comprised of: 50% socialite, 20% coffee, 15% style and 15% wine and dine. After all "Its [Manchester], everyones serious about dinner". I am contentiousness, added with my confidence, I am not afriad to throw myself in the deep end, with a new course, job and city. I am a Yorkshire girl at heart so I can confirm I make the best brew. I'm ready to move over the Pennines and give the Lancashire life a go. My Manc Mum couldn't be more excited. Â bien tôt or should I say"laters"."

Grace Partington

What emoji best describes you and why?

🎨 I would best describe my personality as an artist’s palette and not just because I am a very creative person. The variety of colours reflect the different aspects of my personality. Combining and utilising them can help people to understand me and help me to create work on a deeper level, creating lasting impressions.

John Bernal-Ortiz

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Take a chance on me. You might regret it. I'm being honest. I'll try my best. #risktaker"

Daniel Vamosi

What emoji best describes you and why?

The guy wearing the purple suit / dancing; I love to groove out to classics by Beyonce and Ariana Grande, so this emoji accurately represents how I enjoy myself most of the time.

Abigail Dickson

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Outside the box thinker, social media guru, creative and looking for a job in the virtual world of the future :)"

Isabel Platt

What emoji best describes you and why?

🎤 The microphone as I encourage myself to use my voice to hopefully make a positive impact in this industry and love a good karaoke night!

Isabel Gallimore

What emoji best describes you and why?

😜: I am bubbly and outgoing…with a tendency to talk too much! But loves to meet new people!

We hope that everyone in Cohort 37 has settled into their workplaces nicely and we can't wait to see all of the amazing things they achieve both in the Academy sessions and in their workplaces.


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