Brazil: Elation or Separation?

The World Cup is finally here and the whole world has their eyes firmly locked on Brazil. But what side of Brazil are they really seeing?

While the World Cup is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated football event in the world, it has been made blatantly obvious by the media that not everybody shares the same sense of excitement that all football fans possess.

As a huge football fan myself, the sport has been well and truly ingrained into my life. Even from being a child I knew how to do bicycle kicks before I knew how to ride an actual bicycle.

As Brazil is such a vibrant and colourful country with such a distinct culture, this played to the advantage of certain protestors who have made it their mission to convey their utter disgust with FIFA.

Paul Ito, who is a Brazilian street artist, took it upon himself to graffiti this iconic image on the grounds of a school in Pompeia.