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Sam's Apprenticeship with Northcoders and The Juice Academy

A couple of weeks I graduated from university, “Oh no, you poor thing” seemed to be a pretty common response to this, at least from other graduates that is. Hi there! I’m Sam Shorter, I’m 21 years old and I recently started my apprenticeship with Northcoders through the Juice Academy. Northcoders provide 12 week coding bootcamps, with the aim of helping to fill the coding skills gap in the North of England and The Juice Academy provide Digital Marketing Apprenticeships to young people. Northcoders and the Juice Academy are also celebrating a brand new partnership, and as part of that, The Juice Academy are able to offer coding as a standard part of the training progamme for the first time!

At university I studied Professional Sound and Video Technology in Salford, an extremely broad course which got increasingly frustrating the more I had to explain it to people but provided me with a whole range of different skills, the course covered music production, live sound engineering, video production, web technology and web content creation. It was through this degree I developed a passion for recording and playing music.

I applied to the Juice Academy because digital marketing is such an important aspect to modern business because over the last ten years the way that we digest content has completely changed, digital marketing methods have overtaken traditional methods and businesses are continuing to put more and more money behind the likes of email, social media and online advertising, it just seemed like too great an opportunity to pass up.

It was amazing how quick the interview process was, one week I was sat around the house all day in the grips of what my friends called “dole fever” the next I had a brand new job in a field related to my degree. From my very first day I received a very warm welcome from the team and it didn’t take long till we were sat on beanbags talking about our feelings, suffice it to say it didn’t take long to settle in.

Within the first week I had got to grips with using social media management tools to schedule content, got the opportunity to sit in on some industry talks, started learning how to write blog posts and even brainstormed ideas for video content.

I feel so lucky to be given such an opportunity, I’ve received immense faith and support from the team at Northcoders and I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

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