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National Apprenticeship Week 2021

National Apprenticeship Week was filled with a range of exciting virtual events and was the perfect opportunity for us at The Juice Academy, to share our Digital Marketing apprenticeship opportunities. So, how did we get involved with National Apprenticeship Week and spread awareness of apprenticeships?

  1. GMCA Build the future of Greater Manchester Panel

This was a fantastic panel that we had the opportunity to speak on, this focussed on how apprenticeships in Greater Manchester can build the future of the city region. We spoke about apprenticeships in social media and digital marketing and how our apprentices have helped to build their employers workforce.

2. Meet Your Future: Apprenticeships in Creative Media

This was a session run by us, discussing what a Junior Content Producer apprenticeship entails with The Juice Academy. It was a great opportunity to share about what we do at The Juice Academy, the apprenticeship qualification we offer and hear from one of our apprentices, Meg. If you are interested in starting a career in digital marketing and want to complete a Junior Content Producer apprenticeship, check our apprentice page out:

3. Mythbusters

Throughout National Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to combat the myths and preconceptions that come with Apprenticeships. The myths we busted are:

- Apprenticeships are for those who didn't get good exam results

- 16–18-year-olds are the only people able to do an apprenticeship

- Apprentices don’t earn much money

- Apprenticeships don’t lead to a full-time job

- Apprenticeships are only for traditional industries

Check out our insta stories for how we busted these myths: click here

4. Quotes from our apprentices and their employers

We also heard from some of our apprentices and their employers on how the apprenticeship has helped to build their futures and businesses. These can be viewed on our Twitter page. Apprenticeships can help individuals build their futures through teaching essential skills and knowledge and allowing the apprentice to apply those skills directly within the workplace. Being able to network with a variety of people within the industry and learn from them, really sets an apprentice up for the future.

Don't forget to check out our apprentice and employer pages to find out how to apply for an apprenticeship with The Juice Academy or how to hire your very own apprentice!


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