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Why I love scrap metal!(and you should, too!)

My first month at EMR, perhaps one of the best so far?

When I was first offered the job at EMR, I was slightly dubious. What on earth could you possibly post on social media about scrap metal? It turns out there’s actually quite a lot of news to post about and lots of pages you can ‘steel’ content from. I’ve felt very welcome at EMR from the first second that I stepped in to the offices. With lovely faces welcoming you at reception to a cracking Marketing team that I work alongside.

On only my second day at EMR I visited my first depot. I and my boss, Gareth, visited the EMR depot in Salford where I was given a tour around the site by the boisterous site manager Lee and his trusty sidekick Ian. They showed me all of the different metals they have from the copper wires, brought in from BT to the clusters of all types of metal brought in by the typical Rag-and-bone man.

My first main task at EMR was to prepare a social media audit of all of the competitors and what they’re doing on social media. From this I had to plan out a key strategy for all of the platforms and say what I hoped to achieve within the next 12 months. Once I completed this I had to present it to the managing director/owner of the company Chris. Luckily, all went well and he seemed to like the presentation so I could crack on with things.

As a result of the feedback I’ve also developed an approval process and clarified the objectives for each social media channel.In my second week I went to a company called WDC Creative who also has an apprentice at the juice academy called Eve from cohort 12. Eve, basically a social media connoisseur, showed me everything she knows about social media and helped towards my progress at EMR.

On 6th March, I attended a careers fair at Warrington Collegate with three other members of staff from EMR to find new talent to join the team.Overall, my first month at EMR has been thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve met some great people; I now know useless pub quiz facts about scrap metal (Perfect for the pub quiz!) and can count to 10 in Romanian.

Fancy becoming a social media apprentice just like Alfie? Head over to our application page!


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