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My journey at Cake Solutions so far

I started working at Cake Solutions in February 2014. However, this is not my first apprenticeship – my first apprenticeship was learning how to code and write software.

Since I started at Cake Solutions, I have realised that social media is the career route for me. I love the relaxed atmosphere at Cake and I have a great relationship with my colleagues. I also feel like I have proved myself to be a valued and vital member of the team and I enjoy being given responsibility to plan my own workloads.

During my three months at Cake Solutions, the company has gone through a rebrand. We have built a new website, which I have been heavily involved in, thanks to my I.T. and social media knowledge. We have also added five new members to the team so it’s been great to see Cake develop and adapt in such a short space of time.

I have already done so much during my three months at Cake Solutions, but the key highlights for me include building a website from scratch, attending a training course on a marketing platform, and helping with the design of the new café area.

Since starting at Cake Solutions I feel more of a confident person. I feel my communication skills have improved, I am more outgoing and sociable and I feel more organised.

Getting the opportunity to work at Cake Solutions has allowed me to follow my dream career in social media and I.T. For me, I believe these are the best industries to work in due to how important computers and social media are in the world and how they dominate everything we do.

I enjoy coming to work every day, and am glad I have a job at Cake Solutions.

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